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Division I women’s golf championships finals site field size to increase to 27 teams beginning in 2023

Watch the clinching putt for Stanford's 2022 NCAA women's golf championship

INDIANAPOLIS — The NCAA Division I Women’s Golf Committee announced today that the championship finals field size will increase to allow for 27 qualifying teams, up from the current number of 24 qualifying teams. The change will be in effect for the 2023 championships, with the NCAA Division I Women’s Golf Championships taking place at Grayhawk Golf Club in Scottsdale, Arizona, May 19-24.

The move to 27 teams for the women’s championship is being made to provide an equitable championship access ratio across both Division I men’s and women’s golf, with ten percent of both men’s and women’s teams now advancing from regionals to the finals site. Currently 30 teams advance to the finals in Division I men’s golf.

“There is extreme importance in providing as many participation opportunities as possible for our student-athletes,” said Bradford Hurlbut, director of athletics at Fairleigh Dickinson, and chair of the Division I Women’s Golf Committee. “With an additional three teams qualifying for the finals site, up to an additional 18 deserving women’s golf student-athletes will have an opportunity to compete in the national championship finals, which is an important step for the sport of women’s golf and the championship.”

With the new championship format, the committee has developed a plan to implement a strength- of-field metric into the selection process to ensure maximum balance and fairness at six regional sites. As a result, four teams will advance to the finals from three regional sites and five teams will advance from the remaining three regional sites.

Here is every DI women's golf champion since 1982:

2022 Stanford Anne Walker 3-2 Oregon Scottsdale, AZ  
2021 Ole Miss Kory Henkes 4-1 Oklahoma State Scottsdale, AZ  
2020 Canceled due to Covid-19 -- -- -- -- --
2019 Duke Dan Brooks 3-2 Wake Forest Fayetteville, Ark.  
2018 Arizona Laura Ianello 3-2 Alabama Stillwater, Okla.  
2017 Arizona State Missy Farr-Kaye 3-1-1 Northwestern Sugar Grove, Ill.  
2016 Washington Mary Lou Mulflur 3-2 Stanford Eugene, Ore.  
2015 Stanford Anne Walker 3-2 Baylor Bradenton, Fla.  
2014 Duke Dan Brooks 1,130 Southern California 1,132 Tulsa, Okla.
2013 Southern California Andrea Gaston 1,133 Duke 1,154 Georgia
2012 Alabama Mic Potter 1,171 USC 1,172 Vanderbilt
2011 UCLA Carrie Forsyth 1,173 Purdue 1,177 Texas A&M
2010 Purdue Devon Brouse 1,153 Southern California 1,154 Wilmington, N.C.
2009 Arizona State Melissa Luellen 1,182 UCLA 1,190 Owings Mills, Md.
2008 Southern California Andrea Gaston 1,168 UCLA 1,174 New Mexico
2007 Duke Dan Brooks 1,170 Purdue 1,185 Daytona Beach, Fla.
2006 Duke Dan Brooks 1,167 Southern California 1,177 Ohio State
2005 Duke Dan Brooks 1,170 UCLA 1,175 Oregon State
2004 UCLA Carrie Forsyth 1,148 Oklahoma State 1,151 Auburn
2003 Southern California Andrea Gaston 1,197 Pepperdine 1,213 Purdue
2002 Duke Dan Brooks 1,164 Arizona, Auburn, Texas 1,170 Washington
2001 Georgia Todd McCorkle 1,176 Duke 1,179 Stetson
2000 Arizona Todd McCorkle 1,175 Stanford 1,196 Oregon State
1999 $Duke Dan Brooks 895 Arizona State/Georgia 903 Tulsa
1998 Arizona State Linda Vollstedt 1,155 Florida 1,173 Wisconsin
1997 Arizona State Linda Vollstedt 1,178 San Jose State 1,180 Ohio State
1996 *Arizona Rick LaRose 1,240 San Jose State 1,240 UCLA
1995 Arizona State Linda Vollstedt 1,155 San Jose State 1,181 UNC-Wilmington
1994 Arizona State Linda Vollstedt 1,189 Southern California 1,205 Oregon State
1993 Arizona State Linda Vollstedt 1,187 Texas 1,189 Georgia
1992 San Jose State Mark Gale 1,171 Arizona 1,175 Arizona State
1991 *UCLA Jackie Steinmann 1,197 San Jose State 1,197 Ohio State
1990 Arizona State Linda Vollstedt 1,206 UCLA 1,222 South Carolina
1989 San Jose State Mark Gale 1,208 Tulsa 1,209 Stanford
1988 #Tulsa Dale McNamara 1,175 Georgia/Arizona State 1,182 New Mexico State
1987 San Jose State Mark Gale 1,187 Furman 1,188 New Mexico
1986 Florida Mimi Ryan 1,180 Miamia (Fla.) 1,188 Ohio State
1985 Florida Mimi Ryan 1,218 Tulsa 1,233 Amherst
1984 Miami (Fla.) Lela Cannon 1,214 Arizona State 1,221 Georgia
1983 TCU Fred Warren 1,193 Tulsa 1,196 Georgia
1982 Tulsa Dale McNamara 1,191 TCU 1,227 Stanford

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