INDIANAPOLIS -- The 2011 National Collegiate Men’s Gymnastics National Qualifier selections were announced by the NCAA Men’s Gymnastics Committee.

The national qualifier, which consists of two pre-qualifying sessions, will be conducted April 14 at St. John Arena on the campus of The Ohio State University.

Three teams and the top three all-around competitors not on one of the qualifying teams, plus the top three individuals on each event not already qualified on a team or as an all-around competitor, will advance from each pre-qualifying session to the finals session. Final competitions will take place April 15-16, also at Ohio State.

The 2011 qualifying teams and individuals are listed below:

Team Competition
School Qualifying Score
Oklahoma 359.683
Stanford 359.042
California 354.904
Illinois 354.600
Penn State 351.283
Michigan 350.708
Ohio State 345.800
Minnesota 345.367
Air Force 344.200
Nebraska 342.442
Iowa 341.025
Illinois-Chicago 340.800
Individual Qualifiers
Horizontal Institution Qualifying Score
Floor Exercise Institution Qualifying Score
Parallel Institution Qualifying Score
Pommel Horse Institution Qualifying Score
Vault Institution Qualifying Score
All-Around Institution Qualifying Score
Still Rings Institution Qualifying Score
Landon Funiciello William and Mary 15.017
Ryan Ponce Springfield 14.525
Jared Breeden Army 14.133
Steve Deutsch William and Mary 14.067
Andy Hunter William and Mary 14.033
Blake Collins Temple 13.917
Garrek Hogan-Clark Army 14.800
Andy Hunter William and Mary 13.917
Jesse Kitzen-Abelson Temple 13.800
Jon Hoey Army 13.783
Steve Deutsch William and Mary 13.775
Patrick McLaughlin Temple 13.700
Jimmy Pezzino Springfield 15.592
Brett Statman Temple 15.383
Chris Mooney Temple 15.208
Landon Funiciello William and Mary 15.200
John Leonard Temple 15.167
Dave Ellis William and Mary 15.100
Dylan Parrott Navy 14.933
Jimmy Pezzino Springfield 14.600
Andy Hunter William and Mary 14.225
Vincent Smurro William and Mary 14.200
Chase Brown Army 14.158
Chris Mooney Temple 14.117
Patrick McLaughlin Temple 14.450
Alex Tighe Temple 14.217
Vincent Smurro William and Mary 14.133
Dylan Parrott Navy 14.058
Landon Funiciello William and Mary 13.950
Kris Yeager William and Mary 13.900
Andrew Faulk Navy 84.658
Ty Evans Springfield 82.983
Daniel Potemski William and Mary 82.583
Kip Webber Army 81.625
Ikaika Jakub Army 78.817
Chris Junghans Navy 53.850
Patrick McLaughlin Temple 14.358
Dylan Parrott Navy 13.950
Vincent Smurro William and Mary 13.833
Brett Statman Temple 13.683
Andy Hunter William and Mary 13.625
Chris Mooney Temple 13.617

Michigan won the 2010 title with a sum of 360.500. Stanford finished second at 359.800 with Oklahoma placing third at 357.050.