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2015 NC regional selections announced

NC Women's Gymnastics: 2015 Selection Show

INDIANAPOLIS -- The 2015 National Collegiate Women’s Gymnastics Championships regional selections were announced Monday by the NCAA.

Six teams, five all-around competitors (who are not on a qualifying team) and one individual event specialist per event [who has a minimum Regional Qualifying Score (RQS) of 9.4] were named to each of the six predetermined host sites.

The top 18-teams are seeded nationally, based on RQS, and placed into the bracket. Teams 19-36 are organized into three pods (19-24, 25-30 and 31-36) and placed geographically at one of the six sites, beginning with teams 19-24 followed by teams 25-30 and then finally teams 31-6. Seeding determined at the time of regional selections will be maintained throughout the championships. All-around competitors and event specialists are assigned to their respective geographic region.

In the event of a tie for the last berth into regional competition and for seeding purposes, the team, all-around competitor or individual event specialist with the highest score, not including the six used to calculate the regional qualifying score, will qualify. If a tie still exists, the process is continued until the tie is broken.

The qualifying teams and individuals are listed below. All regionals will be conducted Saturday, April 4, with start times of either 4 or 6 p.m. local time.


Ames Regional (Iowa State, host) – 5 p.m. ET

1. LSU
2. Nebraska
3. Denver
4. Washington
5. Michigan State
6. *Iowa State

All-Around Competitors
1. Kim McRobbie, Air Force
2. Jamie Lewis, Air Force
3. Courtney Pickett, Wisconsin-Whitewater
4. Katie Fiorilli, Wisconsin-Whitewater
5. Kara Witgen, Air Force
Alt. – Krystal Walker, Wisconsin-Oshkosh

Individual Event Specialists
Vault – Jessica Wallander, Air Force
Uneven Bars – Jessica Wallander, Air Force
Alt. – Amy Enright, Wisconsin-La Crosse
Balance Beam – Annie Graft, Air Force
Alt. – Shannen Kelly, Air Force
Floor Exercise – Alexandra Stych, Air Force
Alt. – Jessica Wallander, Air Force

Auburn Regional (Auburn, host) – 7 p.m. ET

1. Alabama
2. *Auburn
3. Minnesota
4. Iowa
5. Maryland
6. George Washington

All-Around Competitors
1. Morgan Lane, North Carolina
2. Brittany Stover, William & Mary
3. Tyra McKellar, Towson
4. Haley Watts, North Carolina
5. Larson Lasek, William & Mary
Alt. – Lexi Cappalli, North Carolina

Individual Event Specialists
Vault – Katie Sassa, Towson
Alt. – Sarah Peterson, North Carolina
Uneven Bars – Kaitlynn Hedelund, North Carolina
Alt. – Lindsey Lemke, North Carolina
Balance Beam – Lauren Ross, Towson
Alt. – Brandy Stover, William & Mary
Floor Exercise – Maggie Lundeen, William & Mary
Alt. – Lexi Cappalli, North Carolina

Berkeley Regional (California, host) – 9 p.m. ET

1. Utah
2. Georgia
3. Boise State
4. *California
5. Utah State
6. BYU

All-Around Competitors
1. Cami Guyer, San Jose State
2. Kaitlin Won, San Jose State
3. Maddie Herr, San Jose State
4. Tiana Montell, UC Davis
5. M’rcy Matsunami, Alaska-Anchorage
Alt. – Dani Judal, UC Davis

Individual Event Specialists
Vault – Katy Nogaki, UC Davis
Alt. – Julia Konner, Sacramento State
Uneven Bars – Cassie Benning, Sacramento State
Alt. – Kala DeFrancesco, UC Davis
Balance Beam – Dani Judal, UC Davis
Alt. – Cassandra Quebral, UC Davis
Floor Exercise – Kala DeFrancesco, UC Davis
Alt. – Cassie Benning, Sacramento State

Columbus Regional (Ohio State, host) – 6 p.m. ET

1. Michigan
3. Arizona
4. Central Michigan
5. Kentucky
6. *Ohio State

All-Around Competitors
1. Alyssa Nocella, Bowling Green
2. Anna Willette, Eastern Michigan
3. Anna Corbett, Western Michigan
4. Kelsey Hood, Western Michigan
5. Carrina Lo Bello, Eastern Michigan
Alt. – Ashley White, Centenary

Individual Event Specialists
Vault – Jessi Buis, Western Michigan
Alt. – Lauren Feeley, Bowling Green
Uneven Bars – Jessie Peszek, Western Michigan
Alt. – Kendall Valentin, Eastern Michigan
Balance Beam – Rachel Stypinski, Kent State
Alt. – Laura Mitchell, Bowling Green
Floor Exercise – Rachel Stypinski, Kent State
Alt. – Denasiha Christian, Ball State

Morgantown Regional (West Virginia, host) – 4 p.m. ET

1. Florida
2. Stanford
3. Illinois
4. Arkansas
5. New Hampshire
6. *West Virginia

All-Around Competitors
1. Sasha Tsikhanovich, Bridgeport
2. Diana Walters, Brown
3. Majesta Valentine, West Chester
4. Jorden Mitchell, Brown
5. Elizabeth Groden, Rutgers
Alt. – Morgan Traina, Yale

Individual Event Specialists Vault – Luisa Leal, Rutgers
Alt. – Kimberly Stewart, Bridgeport
Uneven Bars – Jenna Williams, Rutgers
Alt. – Taylor Laymon, Pittsburgh
Balance Beam – Lindsay Offutt, Pittsburgh
Alt. – Claire Jones, Rutgers
Floor Exercise – Caitlin Perry, Bridgeport
Alt. – Lindsay Offutt, Pittsburgh

Norman Regional (Oklahoma, host) – 5 p.m. ET

1. *Oklahoma
2. Oregon State
3. Penn State
4. Southern Utah
5. Missouri
6. NCa State

All-Around Competitors
1. Gabrielle May, Illinois-Chicago
2. Taylor Allex, Arizona State
3. Valeri Ingui, Lindenwood
4. Ashley Thomas, Southeast Missouri
5. Kierstin Sokolowski, Lindenwood
Alt. – Allie Salas, Arizona State

Individual Event Specialists
Vault – Amanda Stepp, Northern Illinois
Alt. – Natasha Sundby, Arizona State
Uneven Bars – Courtney Heise, Lindenwood
Alt. – Courtney Cochefski, Texas Woman’s
Balance Beam – Sami King, Illinois State
Alt. – Amanda Mohler, Illinois State
Floor Exercise – Natasha Sundby, Arizona State
Alt. – Spencer Jones, Texas Woman’s

* Denotes Regional Host.

The top two teams and the top two all-around competitors (who are not on an advancing team) from each regional will receive an automatic berth to the national championships in Fort Worth, Texas, April 17-19, hosted by Texas Woman’s and the Knight Eady Sports Group. The top two teams from the Norman, Auburn and Ames regionals will compete in one of the semifinals, and the top two teams from the Morgantown, Columbus and Berkeley regionals will compete in the other semifinal.

In addition, the event winners at each regional site will advance to the national championships (in that event only) if they are not part of a qualifying team or an all-around qualifier.

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