gymnastics-women-nc flag | April 16, 2016

Women's gymnastics: Best quotes from the first session of the semifinals

  Led by senior Bridget Sloan, Florida scored the highest team points on the first session of the semfinals.

LSU head coach D-D Breaux on getting to breath after beam:

“Yes, you know we do not talk about not making it last year, the stars didn’t line up. This team has created its own energy and its own dynamics; they are destine to do great things. They are so passionate about what they do and they are so prideful and there is so much purpose every day.”

LSU junior Ashleigh Gnat on today being redemption:

“I do not think a whole lot about last year, we were focused on what we had to do today and the team that we have and creating the momentum to be able to go into tomorrow with a good mindset.”

Gnat on making it to the super six this year:

“It was really exciting for us, we were not focused on last year, we were focused on moving forward and doing exactly what we have been practicing. I felt that we did a really good job of keeping up the energy. We started strong and kept up that energy all day long.”

Florida head coach Jenny Rowland on being the Gators' coach:

“It is a dream, I pinch myself every day. It is an opportunity that I am grateful for every day. It has been an amazing season being able to take on a team filled with energy, filled with passion and get to know them a little better one-on-one. We have only had a couple of months to build bonds and relationships. It has been an amazing process.”

Rowland on confidence before the session:

“Absolutely, yesterday was probably one of the best trainings that we had on podium. After yesterday’s practice I knew this team was ready to go today.”

Rowland on how things went today:

“I could not have asked for more today, it was a team oriented competition and we hit 24-for-24, we had some mistakes. We didn’t have a perfect meet I do not think anyone can say they had a perfect meet.”

Florida senior Bridget Sloan on excelling on bars:

“Bars has been one of our better events but it was nice getting floor and vault out of the way. We were super hype going into vault and floor. Before we walked out for bars I said, all right guys let’s do this. You could tell in every one of my teammates eyes that they wanted it. It was awesome seeing that as an upper classman, looking at the freshmen. Alicia (Boren) did not have the best vault day of her life but she had an incredible bar, incredible beam. It is really awesome knowing when I leave I can think back and realize that this team is so full of talent.”

Sloan on the scores today:

“We can always do better, gymnastics is a sport unless you are getting tens on everything, even if you get a 10 you think, I can do a little bit better. I really couldn’t have asked for a better performance but at the same time there are things that I can work on and I think it is just how prelims going. In prelims you want to hit 4-for-4 you want to hit all six routines and having my team behind me really has helped this entire season.”

Sloan on winning the all-around title:

“It would be a confidence booster, it would be something that I could stick in my back pocket and think if I could do it yesterday then why can’t I do it today. Tomorrow whether I win or not it will be great but tomorrow it is all about the team.”

Georgia head coach Danna Durante on Brandie (Jay) hitting her vault and the crowd reaction:

“That is just Brandi being Brandi. It is just her, it is how she trains every day she does three vaults, she does a layout and does two one-in-a-half’s but every turn counts for that kid she is more concerned about what is happening with her teammates.” “For her it is all about this team, and for her I think it puts her in a place where she can be free. She is incredibly unselfish and I am incredibly happy for her to be sitting at fist on vault."


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