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Seena Greiwe and Brenden Welper | November 4, 2020

Every NCAA gymnastics floor champion since 2014

Every NCAA gymnastics floor champion routine from 2014-19

A gymnast's floor routine is their best opportunity to display creativity. Think of it as a freestyle event, where the nature of the performance is up to the athlete's imagination. compiled all 11 floor champions from the 2014-19 NCAA women's gymnastics championships. You can see all of them in the video above and we broke down each one below.

2014 — Katherine Grable, Arkansas (9.9625)

Chris Putnam | NCAA Photos Arkansas' Katherine Grable

Katherine Grable earns this title due to her dynamic tumbling. This includes her second pass that consists of a one-and-a-half twist, punch front full and granny step out.

Watch Grable's routine

2015 — Kytra Hunter, Florida (9.9625)

Florida Athletics Florida's Kytra Hunter

In this routine, Kytra Hunter begins by landing an impressive double layout. The Florida Gator follows it up by flawlessly completing her combination pass which earns her the high score of 9.9625.

Watch Hunter's routine

2016 — Nina McGee, Denver (9.9500)

Denver Athletics Denver's Nina McGee

Nina McGee is recognized for her exciting floor performance that includes well-choreographed dance and powerful tumbling. She finishes her routine strong with a high double pike that gives her the high score of a 9.95.

Watch McGee's routine

2017 — Ashleigh Gnat, LSU (9.9625) 
MyKayla Skinner, Utah (9.9625)

Mark Buckner | NCAA Photos Utah's MyKayla Skinner

Ashleigh Gnat opens her floor routine with a successful double layout. The LSU Tiger then completes a two-and-a-half twist, punch front. Finally, Gnat sticks the landing on a pike double back.

Watch Gnat's routine

Utah's MyKayla Skinner begins by sticking a double-double. Next, she lands a one-and-a-half twist and a double twist. 

Watch Skinner's routine

Because Gnat and Skinner both finished with the meet-high score of a 9.9625, they were recognized as co-champions for 2017.

2018 —  Katelyn Ohashi, UCLA (9.9625)
Maggie Nichols, Oklahoma (9.9625)

Tim Nwachukwu | NCAA Photos Oklahoma's Maggie Nichols

Katelyn Ohashi displays an impressive floor performance and finishes the event strong with a front full, front half, split drop.

Watch Ohashi's routine


Maggie Nichols begins with a successful pike full in and throughout the Oklahoma gymnasts routine she has beautiful choreography and leaps.

Watch Nichols' routine

These two stars earned the meet-high score of a 9.625, which crowned them co-champions in 2018.

2019 — Alicia Boren, Florida (9.9500)
Lynnzee Brown, Denver (9.9500)
Brenna Dowell, Oklahoma (9.9500)
Kyla Ross, UCLA (9.9500)

Tim Nwachukwu | NCAA Photos UCLA's Kyla Ross

Florida's Alicia Boren begins her routine by landing a perfect double layout. After firing up the crowd, Boren executes a double back last pass.

Watch Boren's routine

Denver sophomore Lynnzee Brown sticks the landing on a pair of double layouts and completes an excellent double pike to cap an excellent floor routine.

Watch Brown's routine

Brenna Dowell opens with her signature double-pike front, nicknamed "The Dowell" after her, and then lands an equally impressive second pass that consists of a one-and-a-half to front layout. The Sooner sticks the dismount at the end for good measure. 

Wacth Dowell's routine

UCLA’s Kyla Ross elevates and lands a whip to double tuck to begin. She follows it up with a one-and-a-half to front layout and closes with a double pike.

Watch Ross' routine

Boren, Brown, Dowell and Ross all finished with the high score of 9.95. All four are named co-champions for 2019.

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