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NCAA staff | March 22, 2021

2021 Women's gymnastics championships regional selections announced

NC women's gymnastics: 2021 selection show

INDIANAPOLIS — The 2021 National Collegiate Women’s Gymnastics Championships regional selections were announced today by the NCAA.

The top 36 teams based on national qualifying score (NQS) were selected for regional competition. The committee named the top 16 teams and seeded them in the bracket. Seeding determined at the time of selections will be maintained through the championship. Teams 17-36 were placed geographically at one of the four regional sites. Nine teams will compete at each of the four regional sites. 

The committee also selected the top 12 all-around competitors and top 16 event specialists based on national qualifying scores and placed them geographically into one of the four regional sites, keeping individuals from the same team together. The list of all-arounders and individual event specialists included individual qualifying scores from the teams competing in the first round to ensure those individuals will compete in the individual competition, regardless of whether their teams advance from the first round.

In the event of a tie for the last berth into regional competition and for seeding purposes, the team, all-around competitor or individual event specialist with the highest score, not including the six used to calculate the national qualifying score, qualified. If a tie still existed, the process was continued until the tie was broken.

The qualifying teams and individuals are listed below. All regionals will be conducted Thursday through Saturday, April 1-3.

Click here to view the 2021 Gymnastics championship bracket

Athens Regional (University of Georgia, host)

Oregon State
Central Michigan
NC State
Western Michigan

All-Around Competitors:
Emily Shepard, NC State
Elizabeth Culton, North Carolina
Payton Murphy, Western Michigan

Individual Event Specialists:
Vault – Anika Dujakovich, Nebraska 
Vault – Chloe Negrete, NC State
Uneven Bars – Kynsee Robey, Nebraska
Uneven Bars – Kinsey Davis, Nebraska
Uneven Bars – Katelyn Cox, NC State
Uneven Bars – Meredith Robinson, NC State
Balance Beam – Kynsee Roby, Nebraska
Balance Beam – Kaitlyn Higgins, Nebraska
Balance Beam – Kathryn Thaler, Nebraska
Balance Beam – Chloe Negrete, NC State
Floor Exercise – Chloe Negrete, NC State
Floor Exercise – Kylie Piringer, Nebraska
Floor Exercise – Isabel Goyco, Texas Woman’s

Click here for the Athens Regional competition rotation order

Morgantown Regional (West Virginia University, host)

Brigham Young
Ohio State
Kent State
Penn State
*West Virginia

All-Around Competitors:
Cassidy Rushlow, Penn State
Hannah Joyner, Rutgers
Belle Huang, Rutgers 

Individual Event Specialists:
Vault – Courtney Mitchell, Lindenwood
Vault – Aleah Leman, Lindenwood
Vault – Kyndall Baze, Lindenwood
Vault – Kylie Gorgenyi. New Hampshire
Uneven Bars – Ava Verdeflor, Penn State
Uneven Bars – Alissa Bonsall, Penn State
Uneven Bars – Katrina Coca, Pittsburgh
Uneven Bars – Katie Chamberlain, Pittsburgh
Uneven Bars – Kylie Gorgenyi, New Hampshire
Balance Beam – Hailey Lui, New Hampshire
Balance Beam – Robyn Kelley, New Hampshire
Balance Beam – Alyssa Worthington, New Hampshire
Balance Beam – Lauren Beckwith, Pittsburgh
Floor Exercise – Robyn Kelly, New Hampshire
Floor Exercise –Melissa Astarita, Penn State 
Floor Exercise – Kendra Combs, West Virginia
Floor Exercise – Abbie Pierson, West Virginia
Floor Exercise – Kiana Lewis, West Virginia

Click here for the Morgantown Regional competition rotation order

Salt Lake City Regional (University of Utah, host)

Arizona Sate
Boise State
Southern Utah
Utah State

All-Around Competitors:
Ariana Castrence, Temple
Skylar Killough-Wilhelm, Washington
Tara Kofmehl, Northern Illinois

Individual Event Specialists:
Vault – Geneva Thompson, Washington
Vault – Deja Chambliss, George Washington
Vault – Allie Smith, Washington 
Vault – Julianna Roland, Temple
Vault – Malia Hargrove, Arizona
Vault – Amara Cunningham, Washington
Uneven Bars – Natalie Hamp, Northern Illinois
Uneven Bars – Geneva Thompson, Washington
Uneven Bars – Alexandra Fochler, Bowling Green
Balance Beam – Jessica Castles, Arizona
Balance Beam – Sirena Linton, Arizona
Balance Beam – Zoie Schroeder, Northern Illinois
Balance Beam – Anna Kaziska, Southeast Missouri State
Floor Exercise – Amara Cunningham, Washington
Floor Exercise – Faith Leary, Temple
Floor Exercise – Anna Kaziska, Southeast Missouri State
Floor Exercise – Julianna Roland, Temple
Floor Exercise – Malia Hargrove, Arizona

Click here for the Salt Lake City Regional competition rotation order

Tuscaloosa Regional (University of Alabama, host)

Iowa State
Eastern Michigan

All-Around Competitors:
Audrey Barber, Maryland
Angelica Labat, Illinois State 
Hadyn Crossen, Eastern Michigan

Individual Event Specialists:
Vault – Alexis Rubio, Maryland
Vault – Reese McClure, Maryland
Vault – Victoria Henry, Ball State
Vault – Collea Burgess, Maryland
Uneven Bars – Cortney Bezold, Eastern Michigan
Uneven Bars – Jada Rondeau, Eastern Michigan
Uneven Bars – Grace Evans, Ball State
Uneven Bars – Megan Teter, Ball State
Balance Beam – Caitlin Satler, Eastern Michigan
Balance Beam – Jada Rondeau, Eastern Michigan
Balance Beam – Reese McClure, Maryland
Balance Beam – Shannon Gregory, Eastern Michigan
Floor Exercise – Cameron Topp, Illinois State
Floor Exercise – Claudia Goyco, Ball State
Floor Exercise – Jada Rondeau, Eastern Michigan

Click here for the Tuscaloosa Regional competition rotation order

* Denotes Regional Host.

The top two teams and the top all-around competitor (who is not on an advancing team) from each regional will receive an automatic berth to the national championships.     In addition, the top event specialist at each regional site who is not part of an advancing team or all-around competitor, will advance to the national championships in that event only. 

The national championships will take place April 16-17 in Fort Worth, Texas at Dickies Arena. The championship event is hosted by Texas Woman's University and Knight Eady. The top two teams from the Athens and Morgantown regionals will compete in the first semifinal, and the top two teams from the Salt Lake City and Tuscaloosa regionals will compete in the second semifinal.

For tickets and information regarding the National Collegiate Women's Gymnastics Championships, log on to The complete 2021 National Collegiate Women’s Gymnastics Championships bracket is available online at

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