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Elizabeth Grimsley | College Gym News | February 21, 2022

Women's gymnastics power rankings: National qualifying scores lead to changes in Week 7

Olympic gymnast Jade Carey returns to campus with a gold medal

The switch from ranking by average to that of national qualifying score is always a fun time of the season. NQS is determined by taking the top six scores, three of which must be away, dropping the highest and averaging the remaining five. Every performance from here on out—from both teams and gymnasts—will be about replacing low numbers to improve NQS. Gymnasts with one or two bad scores holding their placement down shoot up the standings while those that may not perform as well on the road move down.

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But as we know, rankings don’t tell the whole story—thanks to some gymnasts not having enough scores for an NQS quite yet—which is where these power rankings come in. They’ll take a look at how things stand now based not necessarily on the scores themselves but on how the actual routines look in comparison to each other at this point in the season.

They may not be the top competitors overall or the ones expected to win national titles come April, but they are standouts from the previous week’s competitions. Let’s get to it.


  1. Lexy Ramler, Minnesota
  2. Jade Carey, Oregon State
  3. Sunisa Lee, Auburn
  4. Natalie Wojcik, Michigan
  5. Hannah Scharf, Arizona State
  6. Haleigh Bryant, LSU

Out of this group, only Ramler and Scharf have enough scores for an NQS. Ramler has been consistently excellent this season, landing her at the top of the Week 7 power rankings. She’s followed by Carey and Lee, who continue to impress in their freshmen campaigns.

Both Wojcik and Bryant haven’t competed consistently in the all-around in 2022 due to being rested or minor injury concerns, but when they do compete, they put up impressive numbers. Scharf rounds out the top six after a stellar performance in Arizona State’s dominant win over UCLA Sunday, the Sun Devils’ first since 2001.

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  1. Haleigh Bryant, LSU
  2. Ona Loper, Minnesota
  3. Katherine LeVasseur, Oklahoma
  4. Gabby Wilson, Michigan
  5. Trinity Thomas, Florida
  6. Abby Heiskell, Michigan

Bryant’s second perfect 10 on the event of 2022 shoots her to the top of the power rankings this week. When she sticks, it’s as close to an automatic 10 as you can get in the NCAA. Loper, Wilson, Thomas and Heiskell are no strangers to the top six either, each performing solidly nearly every time out this season.

LeVasseur makes an appearance after debuting at No. 1 in the NQS rankings. She’s quietly been cruising with five of her six vaults going 9.9 or higher, including a perfect 10 in her season debut. She’s nothing if not consistently excellent here.

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  1. Jade Carey, Oregon State
  2. Audrey Davis, Oklahoma
  3. Lexy Ramler, Minnesota
  4. Jordan Bowers, Oklahoma
  5. Sunisa Lee, Auburn
  6. Mara Titarsolej, Long Island

Carey has yet to score below 9.950 on this event to start her collegiate career. That dominance lands her as the clear No. 1 on the event yet again. Davis and Ramler each maintain their placement in the top six as well, while Bowers and Lee re-enter the power rankings for Week 8 after consecutive solid performances put early season mediocrity in the rear-view mirror.

Long Island’s Titarsolej rounds out the top six as somewhat of a surprise addition. However, the Dutchwoman has posted five scores of 9.9 or higher in her last six appearances, including a program-record breaking 9.950 on Feb. 4. She stands a real chance at not only qualifying to regionals as an individual but to nationals should she post a big number when it counts.

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  1. Ragan Smith, Oklahoma
  2. Luisa Blanco, Alabama
  3. Maile O’Keefe, Utah
  4. Lexy Ramler, Minnesota
  5. Sunisa Lee, Auburn
  6. Cristal Isa, Utah

The beam power rankings reflect the national rankings most closely with the top five remaining the same across the two rankings, including Smith at No. 1. The position is well-deserved, too. After a Week 1 fall, the junior has gone on to hit 9.975 or higher in five of her next six performances, including back-to-back perfect 10s.

The biggest change comes at No. 6, with Isa making an appearance after collecting her first perfect 10 on the event in Utah’s Friday meet vs. Oregon State. And while Isa returning to this week’s beam power rankings may come as a slight surprise, having two Utes shouldn’t.

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  1. Gabby Wilson, Michigan
  2. Jade Carey, Oregon State
  3. Nya Reed, Florida
  4. Mya Hooten, Minnesota
  5. Brie Clark, Utah State
  6. JerQuavia Henderson, Iowa

Some old and some new faces fill out the top six on floor this week, with Wilson and Clark returning after a few weeks off the list and Carey, Reed, Hooten and Henderson remaining. Reed continued her streak of 9.9-plus scores on the event while Hooten reached near-perfection yet again.

Aggie freshman Clark has also been impressive, hitting 9.925 or higher in every meet this season with just one fall, including a 9.950 her last time out. She’ll be one to watch come regionals to see if she can perform when the pressure is on and book herself a ticket to nationals.

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