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Claire Billman | College Gym News | February 14, 2023

Women's gymnastics power rankings: The top 6 teams and individuals

2023 NCAA women's gymnastics preseason preview

For the first time in weeks, an SEC rival swap gives us a new team in the power rankings as Week 6 of NCAA gymnastics brought more excitement and drama. Impossible scores, unfortunate injuries, and perfect 10s highlighted the weekend, as we’re set for a major rankings shakeup next week once National Qualifying Scores are used instead of team averages.

To prepare for next week: an NQS is determined by taking a team’s top six scores—three of which must be from away meets—dropping the highest and averaging the remaining five. This is the NCAA’s way of allowing teams to separate themselves from fluke performances while negating any home scoring inflation.

There’s naturally going to be some shuffling in the power rankings as teams experiment with lineups in pursuit of their ideal six, and this week is no exception. As always, we’re taking other variables—like skill difficulty and competitive stakes—into consideration when honing our picks. 

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Note: For the purpose of these rankings, we define competitive weeks as Monday through Sunday. Gymnasts who compete after Sunday will be considered in the following week’s power rankings. 

Women's gymnastics team rankings

(last week's rankings in parentheses)

  1. Oklahoma, 198.125 (1)
  2. Michigan, 197.975 (2)
  3. Florida, 198.350 (4)
  4. UCLA, 197.800 (5)
  5. Utah, 197.600 (3)
  6. Alabama, 198.000 (NR)

Oklahoma was tested over the weekend, trailing Alabama heading into the final rotation of the Metroplex Challenge, but responded as a defending champion does by casually putting up a new season high on floor to post a third straight 198. The Sooners will be sitting pretty when NQS debuts next weekend.

WEEK 5: Last week's women's gymnastics power rankings

With two 197.975s and a 198.300 during that same period, Michigan has been a few landings away from mirroring the Sooners’ stat. A second consecutive home meet gives the Wolverines an excellent opportunity to garner even more momentum with the Big Ten’s conference championship seeding meet on the horizon.

Florida finally got over the crucial 198 benchmark this week for a new season best but didn’t quite look as polished as its total might suggest. However, its ability to warrant magical marks makes it competitive in any situation.

The most significant development for the Utes is the unknown injury status of Grace McCallum, whose absence would drastically change the outlook of their season. Utah still put up a respectable total after she went down in the opening vault rotation, but losing an Olympic medalist and all-arounder would be a concern for any program. That, plus a higher score, pushes UCLA up the rankings as Jordan Chiles continues to evolve her superstardom.

After hanging with Oklahoma to the last routine of the meet and hitting 198 in the process, the Crimson Tide makes its debut in the power rankings. Alabama finally showcased the talent it has on its roster, and if it keeps it up, it should be dangerous in the race for an SEC title and national championship.

On the move: Auburn got a huge home win over LSU while improving its season high to 197.750, yet week by week keeps falling down the list of season best totals as only Sunisa Lee and Derrian Gobourne are bringing in the big scores. The duo automatically makes the Tigers a threat, but they’re still waiting on others to step up.

Women's gymnastics vault rankings

  1. Haleigh Bryant, LSU, 9.900
  2. Jade Carey, Oregon State, 9.925
  3. Jordan Bowers, Oklahoma, 9.900
  4. Gabby Wilson, Michigan, 9.925
  5. Trinity Thomas, Florida, 9.900
  6. Sierra Brooks, Michigan, 9.825

Brooks went all out for the stick to follow up her perfect vault, but her under rotation and subsequent shuffle back, unfortunately, ended her 9.900 or better streak that started last April at regionals. That opened the door for movement in the power rankings this weekend, with her teammate Wilson taking advantage with her Yurchenko one and a half that’s the most recent highlight of the Wolverines’ nation-leading vault squad.

Overall, it was a lower-scoring week for the usual leaders on vault, with stuck landings evading most and no one pushing perfection. Carey reigned her landing in the best while the rest of the bunch’s bigger hops were noticeable in their scores.

Honorable mention: It wasn’t a conservative-scoring weekend for LSU’s Aleah Finnegan, who doubled down on the 10.0 club membership she earned last weekend on floor with a stuck Omelianchik on vault for a perfect score this week. On the road, Missouri’s Jocelyn Moore drilled her landing for a 9.925 that could’ve been a 10 in a meet that’s since become infamous for its questionable scoring.

Freshman to watch: Anna Roberts, the highest-ranked rookie in Stanford’s top-ranked freshman class, hasn’t had much trouble translating her powerful gymnastics to the collegiate level—particularly on vault. Her one and a half is dynamic off the table and hasn’t scored under 9.875 to lead the way for the Cardinal.

Women's gymnastics bars rankings

  1. Sunisa Lee, Auburn, 10.000
  2. Jordan Chiles, UCLA, 9.975
  3. Leanne Wong, Florida, 9.950
  4. Trinity Thomas, Florida, 9.950
  5. Audrey Davis, Oklahoma, 9.950
  6. Kayla DiCello, Florida, 10.000

Lee gave the Auburn crowd exactly what it wanted on Friday night, as she was flawless on her best event with her 10 igniting the Tigers to an important SEC win. Chiles did the same on the west coast as the Bruins notched a new season best on bars, with just one judge disagreeing that her set was perfect.

Last week’s freshman to watch, DiCello, climbs into this week’s rankings after becoming the first freshman to earn a 10 this season, with the Gators now occupying half of the standings on bars. Her rise alongside Wong’s and Thomas’ continued excellence gives Florida the most dynamic trio in the country on any event right now.

As long as she doesn’t make a mistake—and maybe even if she does—Davis is essentially locked into these rankings, as her superb technique leaves little room for deductions. The judges still haven’t given her a 10, but they also rarely give her less than a 9.950 either.

Honorable mention: Penn State is known for always having sneaky-good bars workers, and this year the honor is bestowed to Cassidy Rushlow. The senior swung a career high 9.975 in a tight win over Nebraska, and with a previous high of 9.950, it was no fluke.

Freshmen to watch: It was a standout week for freshmen on bars, with Oklahoma’s Faith Torrez exploding for a 9.975 to take the event title in a stacked field at Metroplex. Towson’s Isabella Minervini stood out again amongst the mid-major programs as she tied fellow NCAA newcomer Natalia Pawlak of Pittsburgh with a matching 9.950 in the same quad meet.

Women's gymnastics beam rankings

  1. Maile O’Keefe, Utah, 10.000
  2. Sunisa Lee, Auburn, 9.950
  3. Kara Eaker, Utah, 9.950
  4. Jade Carey, Oregon State, 9.950
  5. Leanne Wong, Florida, 9.900
  6. Natalie Wojcik, Michigan, 10.000

O’Keefe remains the queen of the hill on beam. Her second 10 in a row there was instrumental in helping Utah put up a competitive total despite losing McCallum unexpectedly. As always, she was set up beautifully by Eaker, whose extension and fluidity dazzle the fans and judges alike.

Lee couldn’t follow up her perfect beam score in the same way as O’Keefe, but she still nailed a pressure-packed routine to anchor an Auburn lineup that started with a fall. Wong wasn’t able to repeat her 10 either, with a shuffle on her dismount keeping her from perfection this time out.

Consistency is Carey’s key in constantly anchoring the Beavers’ lineup with huge numbers, as they’re currently ranked fourth in the nation on the event. She nearly puts out a carbon copy of the same routine every weekend, and that’s more than welcome for Oregon State when it consistently scores above 9.900.

After nearly accomplishing it a few weeks ago but just missing out, Wojcik earned her first perfect 10 on beam since 2021 and finds herself back in the rankings this week because of it. Her finesse has been pivotal in the Wolverines’ beam turnaround the last few weeks—an event that likes to bite Michigan at the most inopportune times.

Honorable mention: Although she scored a 10.0 on beam this week, Thomas’ routine wasn’t perfect, as she took a step on her dismount that was noticeable to everyone but the judges in attendance—even warranting shade from Thomas herself on social media. The should’ve-been 9.950 wasn’t enough to earn a spot in the rankings this week, but it doesn’t detract from the fact Thomas is one of the best beam workers in the country.

PERFECT 🔟s: Career perfect 10 leaders in women's gymnastics

Freshman to watch: Just one routine after scoring the first perfect mark of her career, DiCello nearly earned her second with a 9.975 that ultimately set up the 10.000 for Thomas. The rookie was known for her confident beam work as an elite, and that—much to the delight of the Gators—has successfully transferred to her collegiate career.

Women's gymnastics floor rankings

  1. Mya Hooten, Minnesota, 9.975
  2. Jordan Chiles, UCLA, 10.000
  3. Trinity Thomas, Florida, 9.975
  4. Derrian Gobourne, Auburn, 9.975
  5. Jade Carey, Oregon State, 9.975
  6. Jordan Bowers, Oklahoma, 9.975

It was a high-scoring weekend on floor with over half a dozen 9.975-or-better marks posted, including by the top four, who all stay in place this week. Despite Chiles’ 10, Hooten remains in the top spot thanks to her perfect score the prior weekend and nearly repeating in the notoriously tight-scoring Big Ten. However, if both keep scoring at this rate, it may be Chiles’ unmatched ability to engage a crowd that gets her to the top position.

The SEC always gets involved with anything high-scoring, and Thomas’ and Gobourne’s routines were more than worthy. Gobourne closed out Auburn’s win over top 10 LSU with an assist and equal score from Lee, while many fans believe that it was Thomas’ floor that was the most perfect routine of her evening against Missouri.

MORE FLOOR: Jessica Hutchinson scored a perfect 10 with parts of her mom's 1992 Olympic routine

Just like she did after the last time she rested floor, Carey notched a 9.975—her third on the event this season. Carey’s other two floor scores in 2023 are 9.825 and 10.000, as she flexes her power and endurance with chest-up landings on the most difficult tumbling in the nation.

Bowers has some of the most beautiful tumbling around with her floaty double pike and intricate front double full to punch front but has struggled with landings in the past. She’s been able to control her lunges lately and finds her way into the floor rankings as the Sooner’s floor totals surge.

Honorable mention: Iowa’s Jerquavia Henderson has been a household name for a few years now thanks to her floor work and constantly pushing for a career-first 10.0. After a slow start to the season, her opening full-in is as ample as ever as she’s been above 9.900 the last three weeks and hit 9.975 along the way.

Freshman to watch: Alabama’s Gabby Gladieux also has a gigantic full-in to start her routine, as the newbie’s new career-high 9.950 was instrumental in helping get the Crimson Tide to 198. She’s been shining on floor, but watch for her to improve on vault and beam soon as she settles more into collegiate competition.

Women's gymnastics all-around rankings

  1. Jade Carey, Oregon State, 39.825
  2. Jordan Chiles, UCLA, 39.825
  3. Sunisa Lee, Auburn, 39.775
  4. Trinity Thomas, Florida, 39.825
  5. Jordan Bowers, Oklahoma, 39.750
  6. Sierra Brooks, Michigan, 39.650

Back on floor this week meant a return to the all-around for Carey, and for the second time in as many performances, a clutch anchor routine to end Oregon State’s meet resulted in a tie against a higher-ranked opponent. She’s keeping the Beavers alive in the Pac-12 race, and she’s now matched the nation-leading all-around total twice—an NCAA best. Thomas scored 39.825, too, which is a total she’s bested in seasons past but is just reaching for the first time in 2023.

Chiles elevated to that mark as well this week as she’s starting to find her landings on vault and beam to compliment her usually flawless bars and floor work. That pushes her just over Lee this week, whose 10 on bars wasn’t enough to capture the all-around title in front of a packed home crowd.

Bowers continues to show off in the all-around after cementing herself into the beam lineup, an honor she lost in the second half of Oklahoma’s 2022 championship campaign. Her steady improvements, including a new career best this week, have been a major factor in the Sooners’ dominance.

Brooks may not win the all-around every week, often outscored by teammates Abby Heiskell and Wojcik, but her consistent 39.600 to 39.700 totals shouldn’t go unnoticed. Her stability and reliability have been a driving force for Michigan across its last few successful seasons.

Honorable mention: Sparked by her perfect vault, Finnegan was able to beat the reigning Olympic all-around champion in the all-around while on the road—an incredible feat. Her 39.800 is also the second highest total of the season, giving the Tigers the perfect compliment to Bryant if she can keep it up.

Freshman to watch: While Bruin Selena Harris has been the freshman of the year thus far, DiCello’s gigantic weekend starts to make it a competition. The Gator won the rookie race to the first 10.0 and now owns the top newbie total at 39.750, so watch for this battle over the next few weeks to see if DiCello can keep applying pressure.

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