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Claire Billman | College Gym News | February 21, 2023

Women's gymnastics rankings: The top 6 teams and individuals for Week 7

What to know for the start of the 2023 women's college gymnastics season

By now, a clear hierarchy has emerged at the top of the team rankings: Oklahoma continues to outpace the rest of the field and dark horse UCLA has formally entered the race for second place.

Beyond the top five, things remain in flux, as programs like Kentucky, Missouri and Denver turned in some of their best performances in program history. We also saw several season lows, as numerous teams opted to test depth and rest key players before the rapidly approaching postseason.

Those factors combined with Michigan and Utah not competing mean that there are a number of new names in this week’s individual rankings.


Note: For the purpose of these rankings, we define competitive weeks as Monday through Sunday. Gymnasts who compete after Sunday will be considered in the following week’s power rankings.

Women's gymnastics team rankings

(last week's rankings in parentheses)

  1. Oklahoma, 198.375 (1)
  2. Michigan, did not compete (2)
  3. Florida, 197.9750 (3)
  4. UCLA, 197.9750 (4)
  5. Utah, did not compete (5)
  6. California 197.9750 (not ranked)

The Sooners posted 49.500 or higher on all four events for the second time this season. Even better, they achieved this monster score on the road, allowing them to drop that paltry 197.600 from their Week 2 matchup with LSU and further separate themselves from the pack.

Florida’s near-198 score in its loss to LSU is somewhat misleading: This was a very nervy meet for the usually calm and cool Gators, propped up by some benevolent scoring from the judges in Baton Rouge. Until Florida proves that it can outperform Michigan on the road, it stays at No. 3.

UCLA seems to have well and truly left its beam woes in the rearview mirror, posting a season-high 49.625 to tie host California. Speaking of the Golden Bears, it’s a bit concerning that they’ve only utilized seven gymnasts in the last three meets (and only nine total on the year). They—like Michigan—are among the best of the best when they hit, but it remains to be seen if they can sustain this level through the postseason.

Utah’s first test since Grace McCallum’s potentially season-ending knee injury came Monday night against Arizona State. It’s by no means time to panic, but the Utes’ path to the team final is certainly a lot rockier with their star all-arounder out of commission, at least for the time being.

On the Move: LSU also benefited from generous scoring en route to its season-high 198.100, but make no mistake: It was a stellar performance that would easily hold its own against the top teams in the country.

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Women's gymnastics vault rankings

  1. Haleigh Bryant, LSU, 9.975
  2. Jade Carey, Oregon State, 10.000
  3. Jocelyn Moore, Missouri, 10.000
  4. Trinity Thomas, Florida, 9.925
  5. Mya Hooten, Minnesota, 9.825
  6. Jordan Bowers, Oklahoma, 9.725

Carey has really dialed in the landing on her world-class Yurchenko double full, but significant form breaks in her pre-flight and the second twist keep her pace behind Bryant in our eyes despite the judges in Corvallis apparently disagreeing.

Michigan’s unexpected bye and uncharacteristic errors from several of the usual suspects opened the door for Moore to make a major splash in the rankings. After suffering from arguably stingy scoring all season long—and particularly last week against Florida—she gave the judges no choice but to reward her flared-out Yurchenko one and a half with a perfect score, the first 10 on any event for the Tigers.

Once again, Thomas’ superior post-flight execution and air awareness salvaged a big score out of an iffy block. Both Hooten and Bowers significantly under-rotated their Yurchenko one-and-a-halves, but given these are the first sub-9.875 scores for either gymnast this season, we’re willing to give them the benefit of the doubt that it was just a mid-season glitch.

Honorable Mention: Arizona’s Malia Hargrove has exquisite twisting form but doesn't always get the height necessary to stick her Yurchenko one and a half. She certainly found the sweet spot this week, though, nailing her vault from start to finish for a 9.975.

Freshman to Watch: Former five-star recruit Payton Harris drilled her Yurchenko one and a half to earn a career-high 9.950 and Big Ten Co-Freshman of the Week honors.

Women's gymnastics bar rankings

  1. Sunisa Lee, Auburn, 9.950
  2. Audrey Davis, Oklahoma, 9.975
  3. Jordan Chiles, UCLA, 9.950
  4. Trinity Thomas, Florida, 9.975
  5. Leanne Wong, Florida, 9.950
  6. Maddie Williams, California, 9.975

Auburn as a whole and Lee, in particular, had a tough showing against Missouri, but the Olympic champion’s pristine bars set was an undeniably bright spot as she secured her fifth consecutive score of 9.950 or better.

With the number of questionable 10s that have been thrown this season—this week, even—it seems unfathomable that Davis has yet to be on the receiving end of one. Her sky-high piked Jaeger and impeccable pirouettes remain unrivaled.

Chiles is best known for her dynamic floor work, so it may come as a surprise to learn that bars is by far her most consistent and highest-scoring event of the season. She’s currently tied for second nationally with Thomas, all the more impressive given the immense difficulty and sheer length of her routine.

Thomas and Wong remain the gold standard on bars, contributing nearly identical (and nearly flawless) routines to elevate the Gators' overall lackluster rotation. The Pac 12’s analog to Thomas and Wong, Cal’s Williams edges out teammate Andi Li to claim the final spot in this week’s power rankings after earning her second near-perfect score in three weeks and leading the Golden Bears to a season-high 49.650.

Honorable Mention: It’s been a long time coming, but Emily Lopez finally broke Boise State’s streak of phenomenal bar routines coming up just shy of a perfect 10. Her effortless swing and perfect form finally earned the Broncos their first 10 on the event in program history.

Freshman to Watch: If eMjae Frazier has shown any weakness during her freshman campaign, it’s been on bars. However, she turned in an outstanding set against sister Margzetta’s visiting UCLA, earning a 9.950 for her efforts.

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Women's gymnastics beam rankings

  1. Trinity Thomas, Florida, 10.000
  2. Jade Carey, Oregon State, 9.975
  3. Aleah Finnegan, LSU, 10.000
  4. Kayla DiCello, Florida, 9.975
  5. Jordan Bowers, Oklahoma, 9.975
  6. Selena Harris, UCLA, 9.950

As with vault, the beam rankings look a bit different without Utah or Michigan in the mix. However, we fully expect O’Keefe to reclaim the top spot after Utah competes Monday night.

Thomas abolished the specter of her less-than-perfect 10 from Week 6 by legitimately earning the mark with an impeccable set, picking up the gauntlet laid down by Finnegan a rotation earlier: The sophomore from LSU floated through her difficult triple series with ease to secure her first 10 on the event. Not to be outdone, unflappable freshman DiCello very nearly snagged a 10 of her own, posting her second consecutive 9.975.

Carey’s beam set was somewhat overshadowed by her dual 10s on the power events, but this was arguably her best routine of the meet (and certainly her most clutch). The Beavers bounced back from counting a fall on bars by setting a program record on beam.

Sophomore Bowers continues to attack her dance and acro skills with a vengeance, and it’s paying dividends, culminating in this week’s career-high 9.975. We all agree that Bowers is officially a beamer now.

Freshman Harris rightly gets a lot of attention for her massive vault and killer floor routine. Meanwhile, she’s quietly established herself as the Bruins’ most consistent and highest-scoring beamer. This week was no exception as she earned her third consecutive 9.950.

Honorable Mention: Former Canadian national team member Emma Milne broke her own school record with a 9.950 to lead San Jose State to a program-high 49.350 on the event.

Freshman to Watch: Chiles’ and Harris’ teammate Emily Lee, a redshirt freshman, kicked off her collegiate career with a fall but has settled beautifully into her role as the Bruins’ beam leadoff. She’s scored a 9.900 or better in her last four routines, including this week’s 9.925.

Women's gymnastics floor rankings

  1. Jade Carey, Oregon State, 10.000
  2. Chae Campbell, UCLA, 9.950
  3. Mya Hooten, Minnesota, 9.950
  4. Trinity Thomas, Florida, 9.950
  5. Jordan Chiles, UCLA, 9.925
  6. Faith Torrez, Oklahoma, 9.950

Carey notched her second 10 of the meet, which—just like her vault score—left a number of gym fans scratching their heads due to small but seemingly obvious deductions (particularly on her first pass). That said, Carey’s routine is among the most difficult in college gymnastics, and she consistently executes it beautifully, earning her the spot at the top of this list.

Thomas and Hooten both had “blink and you’ll miss them” landing adjustments separating them from perfection. Campbell’s deduction was much harder to spot, and her performance was spectacular as always. We wish there’d been a little more score separation between her and teammate Chiles, who underrotated her first and last passes.

Freshman Torrez hasn’t missed a beat in her transition from club to college. Her powerful double layout is one of the best in the country, and she’s scored a 9.950 more often than not this year as a result.

Honorable Mention: Kentucky turned in its best score in program history thanks in no small part to fifth-year Arianna Patterson. She followed up 9.9-plus scores on vault and beam with a career-high 9.975 on floor.

Freshman to Watch: Arkansas redshirt freshman Frankie Price tied Patterson’s 9.975, showing absolute control on her opening and closing passes.

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Women's gymnastics all-around rankings

  1. Jade Carey, Oregon State, 39.875
  2. Trinity Thomas, Florida, 39.850
  3. Jordan Chiles, UCLA, 39.675
  4. Haleigh Bryant, LSU, 39.775
  5. Selena Harris, UCLA, 39.650
  6. Jordan Bowers, Oklahoma, 39.500

Carey was nearly flawless in Week 7, breaking her own program record and posting the highest all-around score of the season. After a rough opening meet, she’s been utterly relentless: This is her fifth consecutive score over 39.775. Fifth.

Thomas is notably missing in the national rankings due to not yet having an NQS, but she does boast the highest average in the country. Her 39.850 was briefly the year’s highest score until Carey took the floor.

This wasn't Chiles' best performance of the year, but it's one of her most impressive: She made up for miscues on vault and floor by hitting the best beam routine of her college career. Bowers also proved her mettle as a true all-arounder, turning in a lights-out beam set after a sub-par vault.

Bryant's vault is so good that it's easy to overlook what a supremely well-rounded gymnast she is. For the record, she's ranked in the top 15 in three events. She’s borne the brunt of the added pressure resulting from teammate Kiya Johnson’s season-ending injury, and has delivered time after time for the Tigers.

Freshman Harris continues to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with more experienced gymnasts, posting her third 39.650 of the year. Who needs a learning curve when you have ice in your veins?

Honorable Mention: After specializing on beam and floor as a freshman, LSU sophomore Aleah Finnegan is making the most of her new status as an all-arounder. She's earned 10s on three different events during the last three weeks and scored a 39.700 this week against Florida. At this pace, don't be surprised if she breaks into the top six before the postseason.

Freshman to Watch: With her family in attendance, California's eMjae Frazier set multiple career highs—including a 39.700 in the all-around—while competing against big sister Margzetta and UCLA.

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