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Claire Billman and Brandis Heffner | College Gym News | February 28, 2023

Women's gymnastics rankings: The top 6 teams and individuals for Week 8

Gymnastics midseason update with College Gym News' Emily Minehart

Fair warning: This article contains more “10 talk” than usual, as the judges awarded 11 perfect scores on the weekend across all conferences and teams (and that’s not including the myriad of 9.975s that were also thrown around). Suffice it to say, some of these 10s were more justifiable than others, but the overall quality of gymnastics is undoubtedly amping up as we head toward the postseason. 

Taking advantage of the 10s was LSU, who stuck itself in the rankings this week as the top six did some slight shuffling. With just a handful of meets left to sort out regular season titles and championship seeding, every tenth counts as programs continue to chase down top-ranked Oklahoma while the Sooners continue to get even better.

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Note: For the purpose of these rankings, we define competitive weeks as Monday through Sunday. Gymnasts who compete after Sunday will be considered in the following week’s power rankings. 

Women's gymnastics team rankings

  1. Oklahoma, 198.575 (1)
  2. Florida, 198.150 (3)
  3. Utah, 198.550 (5)
  4. UCLA, 197.900 (4) 
  5. Michigan, 197.100 (2)
  6. LSU, 197.950 (NR)

The devil is in in the details, and Oklahoma’s leaving very little room for interpretation. The Sooners tallied an imposing nine individual career highs and set a new program best, tying for the fifth-best score in NCAA history. They’re set for a showdown with second-ranked Florida on Friday after another complete performance put the Gators back in the 198s during Week 7.

Utah was somewhat flat last week at Arizona State, taking the loss, but looked supremely confident back on its home turf. The Red Rocks were trending down, failing to impress since losing star Grace McCallum a few weeks ago, but rejoined the title conversation with this week's total that ranks just outside of the top 10 scores ever.

Michigan has been leaning heavily on a handful of gymnasts, and—even after an unexpected bye in Week 7—cracks are starting to show. The Wolverines rallied after an underwhelming vault rotation to eke out a win over Iowa during the first Big Five session, though they ultimately finished a half point behind second session winner Michigan State, the team Michigan lost to in dual competition earlier in the season. 

The Bruins continue to pick up momentum with their third-straight score of 197.800 or better and should be able to keep that going with two home duals left on the regular season schedule. After missing nationals the last two years, UCLA is primed to put an end to that streak.

Prospects seemed bleak Wednesday when head coach Jay Clark announced that LSU's already-depleted roster is now down sophomore KJ Johnson to a broken foot while senior all-arounder Alyona Shchennikova is limited to vault and bars only. However, the Tigers seemingly conjured depth out of nowhere to edge out home team Alabama by the narrowest margin. Simply put, there is no quit in this LSU squad. 

On the Move: Underestimate Missouri at your peril! Last year’s Cinderella story is catching fire, earning a program record 197.850 against host Arkansas. Speaking of peaking at the right time, Oregon State has officially joined the 198 club with a 198.075 on the road at Stanford. 

Women's gymnastics vault rankings

  1. Haleigh Bryant, LSU, 10.000
  2. Jocelyn Moore, Missouri, 9.975
  3. Jade Carey, Oregon State, 9.900
  4. Trinity Thomas, Florida, 9.850
  5. Katherine Levasseur, Oklahoma, 10.000
  6. Chae Campbell, UCLA, 9.925 

There were some seriously dodgy 10s thrown this weekend, but Bryant’s vault wasn’t one of them. The 2021 national champion showed superior form and control from the get-go to notch her second perfect score of the season. 

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Moore drilled her vault landing for the third consecutive week, proving that her 10 from last week was no fluke. In terms of virtuosity, her Yurchenko one and a half is right up there with Bryant’s front handspring pike half.  

A hop and slight form break cost Carey a tenth on vault this week, but her 9.9 streak lives on—she hasn’t scored below that mark since January 14.

Don’t let the sub-9.9 score fool you: This was arguably Thomas’s best vault of the season, even with a big hop on the landing. Her form in the air was as pristine as usual, but her block was notably more symmetrical. 

Whatever Levasseur lacks in power and distance, she more than makes up for in execution. She banked her second career vault 10 to help the Sooners earn their highest-ever team score. 
There are floaty vaults, and then there's Campbell's Yurchenko full. She rejoins the rankings after nailing her landing for the second week in a row. 

Honorable mention: Reigning vault national champion Jaedyn Rucker of Utah countered her fall in Week 7 with the first 10 of her career. Minnesota senior Maddie Quarles also snagged her first perfect score during the second session of Big Fives.

Freshman to watch: Penn State's Ava Piedrahita beat out the renowned Michigan vault lineup to take the title during the first Big Five session, earning a 9.950 for her nearly stuck Omelianchik—a Yurchenko half-on pike.

Women's gymnastics bars rankings

  1. Suni Lee, Auburn, 9.950
  2. Jordan Chiles, UCLA, 9.975
  3. Trinity Thomas, Florida, 9.975
  4. Leanne Wong, Florida, 9.975
  5. Audrey Davis, Oklahoma, 9.950
  6. Maddie Williams, California, 9.950

Auburn’s recent dip down the rankings can’t be attributed to Lee, as she continues to shine on her best event. A college salute didn’t fool the judges into awarding her a 10 this time, but her landing was the only deduction in her always-stunning set.

The first of Chiles’ two near-perfect marks against Arizona came on bars, where she nailed her five-release routine to help stop the bleeding in a season-low total for the lineup. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Wong’s and Thomas’ 9.975s highlighted a Florida lineup that posted an enormous 49.800—good for the top score by any team on any event in 2023.

Davis’ smooth swing remains 10-less, but Oklahoma can’t be upset with the minimum 9.950 she’s consistently anchoring with, as she’s a guaranteed hit no matter the circumstance. She’s a key factor in the Sooners holding off the Gators for the top bars team in the nation.

Representing the NCAA’s third-ranked bars team is Williams, who gets the nod thanks to her double layout with the execution to match the best in the world. Like Davis, it’s only a matter of time until Williams earns a bars 10.

Honorable mention: Punctuated by a stuck landing on one of the highest dismounts out there, Carey earned her first bars 10 of the year after threatening twice before. She’s now the only gymnast to rank in the top seven in the nation on every event.

Freshman to watch: Kayla DiCello contributed a 9.975 of her own to Florida’s gigantic event total as the rookie continues to hone in on her best event.

Women's gymnastics beam rankings 

  1. Maile O’Keefe, Utah, 10.000
  2. Kara Eaker, Utah, 9.975 
  3. Jade Carey, Oregon State, 9.975 
  4. Aleah Finnegan, LSU, 9.975
  5. Luisa Blanco, Alabama, 10.000
  6. Jordan Bowers, Oklahoma, 9.950

O’Keefe was back to her usual form after a comparatively off routine earlier in the week for which she scored a season-low 9.925. With this 10, her fourth of the season and seventh of her career, O’Keefe officially overtakes Theresa Kulikowski as the best beamer in Red Rocks history.  

Only behind teammate O’Keefe in the NQS rankings as well, Eaker’s back-to-back near-perfect sets have been an integral part of the Utes’ beam lineup that holds the highest NQS of any event at 49.670. Her prowess continues to notch her unofficial assists, setting the stage for O’Keefe’s near-guaranteed 10s.

Carey knocked on the door of completing her first Gym Slam and came up a quarter-tenth short, but she still made history anchoring the best beam rotation in Oregon State history and securing the team’s first score over 198. 

Scoring during the back half of the LSU at Alabama meet was, frankly, questionable at best and egregious at worst, which is a shame because Blanco’s and Finnegan’s beam routines were legitimately sublime even with minor adjustments. 

It’s crazy to think that a year ago Bowers wasn’t even cracking the Sooners’ beam lineup, as the sophomore has evolved into one of the nation’s premier beam workers. She’s next in line to continue Oklahoma’s legacy on the event.

Honorable mention: It’s a testament to the increasing parity across conferences and divisions that DIII gymnasts like Bridgeport’s Nicole Javinett, who scored a 9.950 this week, are challenging scores from top 10 teams. Javinett’s switch leap to layout step-out is impeccable and refreshingly unexpected.

Freshman to watch: Save one fall, Addison Lawrence has been remarkably steady for Missouri, with a 9.830 NQS. She contributed a career high 9.925 en route to the highest beam (and total) score in the Tigers’ program history. 

Women's gymnastics floor rankings 

  1. Jade Carey, Oregon State, 10.000
  2. Trinity Thomas, Florida, 9.975
  3. Faith Torrez, Oklahoma, 9.950 
  4. Chae Campbell, UCLA, 9.900
  5. Jordan Chiles, UCLA, 9.950 
  6. Mya Hooten, Minnesota, 9.825
Carey hasn’t scored below 9.975 since Week 1, but this was one of her more convincing 10s of the season. Her opening Silivas was an absolute beauty as she showed complete control on every tumbling pass landing and leap series.

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Thomas turned in her final performance at the O'Dome with her mom watching from the sidelines next to the team. A minuscule hop on her final pass kept her from scoring a 12th perfect 10, but it was a stellar farewell from one of the Gators' all-time greats nevertheless. 

Torrez is in a remarkable groove, posting her fifth 9.950 of the year. The freshman has had no issues stepping into a leading role for the Sooners, with her floaty double layout the highlight of their floor lineup.

A short final pass couldn’t keep Campbell out of the 9.9s or out of the rankings this week, as her outstanding performance ability can accomplish a lot—including immediately following up a stellar floor routine from teammate Chiles to help the Bruins rank first in the country on the event.

Hooten’s two-year streak of 9.9-plus scores has come to an unceremonious end as she overrotated her full-twisting double tuck and landed her second pass well out of bounds. 

Honorable Mention: The Sooners tied their season high 39.675 on floor thanks to anchor Bowers’ perfect 10-worthy set. Aleah Finnegan may have missed out on completing a Gym Slam after falling out of her bars dismount, but she literally bounced back with her second career 10 on floor. It was the sophomore’s fourth perfect score in as many weeks. 

Freshman to Watch: The mistake from Hooten left the door wide open on floor in the second Big Five meet, and Spartan newcomer Nikki Smith capitalized. Her 9.950 tied for the best of the session and the best of all Big Ten teams over the weekend.


  1. Jade Carey, Oregon State, 39.875 
  2. Trinity Thomas, Florida, 39.700
  3. Haleigh Bryant, LSU, 39.800
  4. Jordan Chiles, UCLA, 39.850
  5. Jordan Bowers, Oklahoma, 39.725
  6. Hannah Scharf, Arizona State, 39.625

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Carey and Thomas are two of the most consistently excellent—and most heavily scrutinized—gymnasts in the NCAA. Fans can and most assuredly will continue to debate scores, but both are objectively clutch. 

It was a career night for Bryant in Tuscaloosa, who snagged her seventh perfect 10 on vault and tied for the third best all-around score in LSU history. Chiles not only set a new career high to win the all-around against Arizona but also swept all four individual event titles. 

Bowers was a hair off of her own career best 39.750, but her total was the core of the Sooners’ historic score. She continues to score among the best in her first season as a full-time all-arounder.

Known for her consistency, Sun Devil senior Hannah Scharf makes her power rankings debut after following up a career best 39.675 a week ago with another total in the 39.600s. Now that she’s raised her scoring potential, Scharf’s balanced attack becomes even more dangerous.

Honorable mention: Utah’s beam queen Maile O’Keefe made the most of her first all-around appearance of the season, casually posting a career high 39.750. A short landing on an upgraded opening tumbling pass on floor saw Lee’s all-around total suffer, hitting just 39.475 in her four-event return.

Freshman to watch: Overshadowed by Carey’s massive mark in the same meet, Anna Roberts’ 39.575 for Stanford was integral in earning the Cardinal a new season-high. As the freshman continues to gain confidence on beam, the more we can expect her totals to grow.

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