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Claire Billman and Brandis Heffner | College Gym News | March 15, 2023

Women's gymnastics rankings: The top 6 teams and individuals for Week 10

Gymnastics midseason update with College Gym News' Emily Minehart

That’s a wrap on the 2023 regular season, folks! Week 10 delivered incredible highs and a few lows, as numerous teams competed twice in a last-minute bid to bolster their NQS. Conference championships are this weekend, offering one final chance to affect their postseason fates.

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Note: For the purpose of these rankings, we define competitive weeks as Monday through Sunday. Gymnasts who compete after Sunday will be considered in the following week’s power rankings. 

Women's gymnastics team rankings

  1. Oklahoma, 197.925 and 198.400 (1)
  2. Michigan, 198.025 and 197.825 (3)
  3. UCLA, 198.275 (5)
  4. Florida, 198.175 (4)
  5. Utah, 197.700 (2)
  6. California, 198.100 and 198.275 (NR)

Oklahoma is still the team to beat heading into the postseason, but Michigan has certainly narrowed the gap. After trailing through three rotations, the Wolverines handed the Sooners their only defeat of the season thanks to a whopping 49.700 on floor in front of a packed Crisler Center. Scoring was generous overall (as is to be anticipated on senior night), but the Wolverines left no doubt that they are capable of challenging for the national title. 

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UCLA continues to surge, notching its second consecutive score over 198. With its vault and beam issues seemingly under control, this looks like a team that can and should make the team final at nationals. 

Footage of Florida from the Texas Woman’s quad was limited, but the Gators came away with an excellent road score and some redemption following last week’s loss to Oklahoma.  

Meanwhile, Utah’s loss to Oregon State comes with a big, bold asterisk: The Red Rocks weren’t at their sharpest, to be sure, but neither were the Beavers (Oregon State is certainly capable of a near-198 level performance, but this wasn’t one of them). Our view: the judges decided the outcome of this meet, not the gymnastics. Regardless, it’s make or break time for the Utes. They have to dial in the landings, particularly on vault, if they hope to stay competitive with Oklahoma and Michigan during the postseason.

Finally, California reclaims the No. 6 spot over LSU thanks to a weekend double-header that saw the team set a program record on Friday then reset it Sunday. Depth is still a concern, but Cal’s results are undeniable. This team could be very dangerous in the postseason. 

On the move: Kentucky is catching fire at just the right time. The Wildcats scored a 197.800 at Illinois to jump to third in the SEC and cement a coveted spot in the evening session at the conference championship. 

Women's gymnastics vault rankings

  1. Haleigh Bryant, LSU, 10.000
  2. Jordan Chiles, UCLA, 9.975
  3. Kat LeVasseur, Oklahoma, 9.900 and 10.000
  4. Olivia Trautman, 9.975 and 9.925
  5. Chae Campbell, 9.900
  6. Jade Carey, Oregon State, 9.925

Let’s address the elephant in the room: Bryant’s 10 wasn’t a 10. It had a minor yet very obvious hop back on the landing. That said, it was an outstanding vault that would’ve sat atop these rankings even if it had received an appropriate score. 

The first example of what’s going to be a recurring theme in this week’s power rankings, Chiles is on an undeniable hot streak. This was her best Yurchenko double to date, earning a shoutout from Olympic teammate Simone Biles. Earlier in the lineup, Campbell’s Yurchenko full was as soaring as ever. A hop in place on the landing was the only thing keeping her from yet another perfect 9.950.  

Trautman and LeVasseur continue to flex their collective muscles, keeping the Sooners at the top of the vault rankings for the fifth consecutive week. On the rare occasion they’re not sticking landings outright, they’re keeping deductions to a minimum.

Oregon State fans may not have been pleased with Carey’s score, but it seemed pretty spot on to us. She twisted a hair early onto the table and lacked control on the landing—but looked great in the air. 

Honorable mention: Denver’s Rosie Casali notched her second 9.950 in three weeks for her Yurchenko one and a half. The junior upgraded from a Yurchenko full earlier this season, and the gamble has paid off exceptionally well for the Pioneers.

Freshman to watch: A year to the day after suffering an Achilles tear, North Carolina’s Paige Prejean tied their career best 9.850 with a beautifully stuck Yurchenko full. 

Women's gymnastics bars rankings

  1. Jordan Chiles, UCLA, 10.000
  2. Andi Li, California, 9.950 and 9.975
  3. Audrey Davis, Oklahoma, 9.950 and 9.875
  4. Leanne Wong, Florida, 9.950
  5. Trinity Thomas, Florida, 9.850
  6. Jade Carey, Oregon State, 9.950

With her second perfect set in as many weeks, Chiles cements herself atop the bars standings. Last week, we noted her uncanny ability to deliver a virtually identical routine every weekend, and she did just that in Week 10. 

Whatever Li’s routine lacks in difficulty, she more than makes up for in execution. The hangtime on her Pak is beyond impressive, as are her crisp pirouettes and often-stuck dismounts. She epitomizes getting all of the little things right.

The saga continues… Twice this week, junior Davis glided effortlessly through her routine only to get dinged for her dismount. She had a clear hop back on Sunday, but stuck (albeit slightly staggered) the landing against Michigan earlier in the week. 

Wong’s set is something of a mystery, as the broadcast was inexplicably dark for most of the Gators’ bars rotation. We did manage to see a fan video of Thomas’s routine, at least. She released late on her double layout dismount and nearly clipped the high bar, but the rest of the routine was as lovely as ever.  

Carey anchored a giant 49.550 season high rotation for Oregon State, proving this lineup has the potential to compete with the title contenders. 

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Honorable mention: LSU’s Haleigh Bryant followed up the questionable 10 on vault with a far more compelling one on bars, the first bars 10 of her career. 

Freshman to watch: After a few rough goes earlier in the season, the sensational rookie eMjae Frazier has found her stride in the Golden Bears' renowned lineup with five straight scores of 9.9 or better.

Women's gymnastics beam rankings 

  1. Maile O’Keefe, Utah, 9.425
  2. Jade Carey, Oregon State, 9.975
  3. Jordan Chiles, UCLA, 9.950
  4. Aleah Finnegan, LSU, 9.975
  5. Luisa Blanco, Alabama, 9.850
  6. Mia Takekawa, Illinois, 9.925

In true gymnast fashion, O’Keefe fell on her comparatively simple mount and then hit an otherwise impeccable routine. Given this is the senior’s first collegiate beam fall, we’ll gladly overlook it.

Carey followed up her first career beam 10 with another nearly perfect routine. Utah's Kara Eaker drops out of the rankings after being sidelined indefinitely due to concussion protocol, giving Carey an opening to claim the second spot.

Newfound confidence and consistency on beam have been the key to Chiles’ recent all-around dominance. Prone to wobbles throughout 2022, she’s posted nothing less than 9.950 over the last month.

Finnegan missed Week 9 due to illness but didn’t miss a beat in her return, matching the 9.975 she put up at the end of February. She overtakes Blanco, who was a bit off on her layout step-out while anchoring for Alabama.

Extending her 9.9-streak, Takekawa continues to shine for the Illini. An individual qualifier to NCAAs on bars last season, she's a favorite to qualify on at least beam this time around.

Honorable mention: Nevaeh DeSouza and Gabby Perea both scored 9.975s to bookend California’s dazzling beam rotation while teammate Mya Lauzon scored a perfect 10 in the penultimate spot—the first for California in program history on the event. The Golden Bears’ 49.825 is also the second highest beam total in NCAA history. 

Freshman to watch: Addison Lawrence led off Missouri’s beam rotation with a stellar 9.975 routine, setting the Tigers up for a 49.525. Beam was its best event in 2022, and Missouri is heating up at just the right time.

Women's gymnastics floor rankings  

  1. Jade Carey, Oregon State, 9.975
  2. Jordan Chiles, UCLA, 9.975
  3. Trinity Thomas, Florida, 9.975
  4. Faith Torrez, Oklahoma, 9.925 and 9.950
  5. Raena Worley, Kentucky, 9.975
  6. Mya Hooten, Minnesota, 9.925

There were some small foot adjustments in Carey’s opening pass and leap series, but her powerhouse tumbling was as impressive as always. Remarkably, she hasn’t gone below 9.950 since Week 1. 

Chiles is always a showstopper on floor, but this was one of her cleanest routines of the season. She had a micro footslide on her opening double layout, but the chest positions and overall control on her landings were excellent. 

Thomas is back with a vengeance after resting on floor last week at Oklahoma. She lacked a little precision in her leap series, but the tumbling—particularly her double layout—was as floaty as ever. 

Freshman Torrez continues to shine for the Sooners, competing in the back half of the lineup and bringing in the scores needed to keep them ranked in the top three. Her double layout is always a highlight, adding much needed power to their lineup.

Ending her three week streak of floor 9.950s, Worley nailed every landing to match her career high and position the Wildcats in the top eight to kick off the championship season.

Hooten swagged a mistimed punch out of her front full to a front tuck instead of her usual layout but was otherwise solid as usual.

Honorable mention: Haleigh Bryant finished her hat trick on floor, becoming the first gymnast since UCLA’s Jamie Dantzscher in 2002—and only the fifth ever—to score three 10s in a single meet. 

Freshman to watch: Illinois State’s Nirel Bart-Williams is the latest addition to the Redbirds’ string of strong newcomers over the years, following in the footsteps of Angelica Labat, Alana Laster, and 2022 individual nationals qualifier Jaye Mack. This week, she hit a strong floor routine for a 9.900.

Women's gymnastics all-around rankings 

  1. Jordan Chiles, UCLA, 39.900
  2. Jade Carey, Oregon State, 39.825
  3. Haleigh Bryant, LSU, 39.875
  4. Selena Harris, UCLA, 39.750
  5. Trinity Thomas, Florida, 39.625
  6. Leanne Wong, Florida, 39.650 

Chiles officially overtakes Carey after besting the career high she set last week and earning her third consecutive score of 39.85-plus. Chiles is doing some of the best gymnastics of her career, as she and freshman Harris remain at the forefront of UCLA’s renaissance. 

Now knocking on the door of her own Gym Slam, Bryant also matches Carey with the second highest all-around mark of the year. Bolstering her status as an LSU legend, she's now the program’s all-time perfect 10 leader with at least a year of eligibility left.

Other than the blip on her bars dismount, Thomas’ return to the all-around went well, though she was edged out by Wong for the individual title.

Honorable mention: Gabby Wilson put on a show for the Michigan faithful on senior night, scoring a 39.800 to upset top-ranked Oklahoma. Kentucky’s Raena Worley Worley brokered back-to-back 9.975s to cap off her career high 39.775 at Illinois. 

Freshman to watch: Morgan Price's 39.325 secured her an individual all-around title and a new program record for Fisk in its quad meet at Temple.

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