First Round Notes and Quotes: Boston College vs. St. Lawrence Post-gameMarch 24, 2007


Boston College Head Coach: Jerry York

Opening Statement- The play of our goaltender was very solid, they [St. Lawrence] had some excellent chances, especially early in the game, I thought Corey was very solid. The early goal by Brian helped us because you are a little edgy coming into a regional regardless of what seed you are or what your record is. And then Andrew Orpiks goal, he doesnt score a lot of them, but that was certainly a very big goal for our team. I thought St. Lawrence played well, and they are extremely well coached, any team that wins a league championship is a pretty good club, so I wasnt surprised how well they played.

On HOCKEY EAST- We have got a lot of pride in our conference. Joe Bertagna has done a fabulous job cultivating that within HOCKEY EAST. We talked at our annual banquet that we had five teams in there [The NCAA Tournament] and wanted to see how many could make it to St. Louis. Of course our objective is to win a national title, Im hoping its BC but if its not BC then I hope one of the other HOCKEY EAST schools can do that& Dick Umile was devastated by his loss, but he would certainly say Jerry this is your turn, now you can get us to the final game, I think its a pretty good feeling within our league.

On the game- I thought it was a very close game, we had the second goal but they bounced right back and it was 2-1. Joe did a smart thing pulling the goaltender with a 3-1 deficit, I was concerned at that point, one goal there makes it 3-2 and momentum shifts. It was, I thought, from my vantage point a closely played game.

Junior goaltender: Corey Schneider On facing Miami- They are a very well coached team, they play well defensively and their penalty kill is outstanding. Their goalie Zatkoff is a very good goalie, I have seen him play before, and I played with him a little bit. Their offense has some skill too, Davis and Jones have a ton of goals and a ton of points. They definitely have some grit and defense to them, but they can also score goals so we are going to have to be ready on all fronts and get ready for a real battle tomorrow.

Senior defenseman: Brian Boyle On scoring first- The first goal was big, I think we wrote on the board in big letters that we wanted to get the momentum early. Thats certainly something we wanted to do is get the first goal.

On BCs second goal- Then we had a power-play chance, every time we have a power-play we really want to capitalize. Smitty [Ben Smith] really dug down and played until he heard a whistle, he played it clean and all he worried about was getting the puck in the net. He was focused and hes taken some hacks, you have a lot of respect for a guy who has scored that many goals like that, and paid the price in front.


St. Lawrence Head Coach: Joe Marsh

Opening Statement: Obviously, its a pretty emotional time for our guys, its going to sink in a little bit. We played a great team tonight. First of all, I want to congratulate BC. The last time we were in the NCAA tournament it was the same result, a little closer of a game. I thought our guys played hard and didnt leave anything in the room. Thats certainly what we talked about: to try and outwork them and try and play as intense game as we could. We had some set chances and you can see why they won the Hockey East playoffs. They are a great team, well coached, and certainly a team that keeps you on edge. They counter attack extremely well. We had chances but they can skate very well, they can play very physical and they finished off a couple that we couldnt. Thats a team thats certainly capable of winning the whole thing.

On power play tonight and what BC defense did to defend it: Our power play its gone in spurts, we had some chances when it gets to where it needs to be. I thought they did a good job fronting our guys. We saw that on tape that they take a lot of point shots away. We got guys that can trigger it pretty good from the point. Occasionally, I wasnt nuts about the shot selection. We kind of missed handled it and we couldnt get the thing to settle down. I was hoping that some of those blasts that might have missed the net, if they are on and there is enough gas on them, that is where you might get a second or third chance and create some collateral damage. They do a real good job of clearing out in front of the net. They are a pretty well coached team in a lot of areas and theyre skill level shows in certain critical times like that.

Freshman Goaltender: Alex Petizian

On BC pressure and shot taken to the neck: I thought that BC played really well. I thought that we also gave a great effort. I dont think that there was a lot of pressure on me. I just had to come up with the right saves at the right time, keep my team in it. On the two-on-one, the shot hit me right in the neck. But I had the neck protector on, it couldve been bad. I lost a little bit of air at first but I regained it.

Senior Defenseman: Drew Bagnall

On losing 2-1 and wondering about chances that could have been: You can always look back and theres always things you can do to win a hockey game but if you want to win you got to make it happen at the right moment. They are a great team and we knew we were facing a good goaltender. Obviously they have been doing something right because they play great defensively and they limited our second opportunities. The shots that we did get through which were pretty few, they had guys tying up sticks. Theres always things that you couldve done better or couldve done differently. But you cant dwell on those or you will lose a lot of sleep tonight.

On the role of the freshmen: I think that those guys not only tonight but throughout the whole season, you want to talk about pressure players, without those guys this year we are not here. Were not even close without all those freshmen. They came in this year and did exactly what they needed to do. We lost a lot of role players last year, a lot of the unheralded freshmen such as (Alex) Curran, (Travis) Vermeulen the work horses, the guys that do the ugly stuff. Those guys came in and basically said what do I have to do to play? What role do I have to fill? Mike McKenzie is just an exceptional player. He might not look pretty getting to where he is going, but every place he goes he goes for a reason. He is just one of those people with that natural ability to know where to be to score goals. I think again tonight he gets those opportunities, hes done it all season for us, and I couldnt be happier to have that guy around. Im sure Joe (Marsh) feels the same way.