May 29, 2010

2010 NCAA Division I Men's Lacrosse Semifinals
Saturday, May 29, 2010 - M&T Bank Stadium - Baltimore, Md.

Duke vs. Virginia Postgame Quotes

Virginia Head Coach Dom Starsia

Opening statement on the loss in the NCAA semifinal game
"These are hard when they end like this. It's been a really extraordinary spring in so many different ways. I give credit to Duke and Coach Danowski and his group first and foremost. They played an inspired game, especially in the second half, they were really flying around. I am so proud of so many people. I don't really know where to begin. The fact that we played hard and came back and had a chance to roll over and didn't. I probably wouldn't have expected anything less. The final score may be the least important part of what has transpired here throughout the spring. The final score wasn't what we hoped for, but it doesn't diminish who we are and what they battled through and the men that they are. I thought it was a great game, it wasn't our cleanest game. They have a way to turn it into an unsettled scrum and they can make some spectacular plays when the ball is flying around."

On the series with Duke the last few seasons
"We don't run into a lot of teams that are as athletic as we are. They may even be more athletic at the end of the day. There is a period of time since 2005 when this really started; they went from (Matt) Danowski and (Zach) Greer to (Ned) Crotty and (Max) Quinzani, who are probably the top seven or eight attackmen that have played the game in the last 20 years. They've just been very talented and there not a lot of teams that can attack us up and down the field. They are one of the teams that can."

On the last 30 seconds of the game
"We had the timeout to get organized on defense. We thought they might come with (Ned) Crotty. Kenny (Clausen) got hung up around the goal. I thought he did a nice job of playing that. We were able to reengage Crotty, and I thought Kenny kind of stopped him and pushed him wide. Crotty is such a threat. What makes him so dangerous is that he can come around and score or he can find the open man and he found his running partner (Max) Quinzani and he drills the ball. We get the ball back, we set up a full field eight second play, and I don't know what Brian was thinking about exactly. He was supposed to attack the ball, he ran over the line, and we were off-sides."

On finishing this season tonight
"I think it was really important. We've talked a lot about these last few weeks. I think the ability to stay together helped us all and I think it helped the (UVA) women (team) that we were able to stay together, that they were with us until the past week. These young people were able to support each other. In the end, it would have been so much easier if we won."

On the faceoff battle
"I thought going in that it would be the difference in the game, and maybe ultimately it was. I never thought that we got a handle on it. We were able to win a couple draws but we weren't able to establish ourselves in the faceoff [battle] like we did in the first game.I think Duke has something to do with that."

Virginia sophomore attackman Steele Stanwick
On the comeback and the emotion of the game

"We could have rolled over there, and I'm sure a lot of people thought we were going too. I think it just shows a lot of character for our team and the kind of people this team is made up of."

On the third quarter in which Duke was in control
"I thought we moved the ball pretty well, but we were settling a little bit, not for good shots, but just okay shots, and that kind of hurt us there. Duke is a great team and they deserve all of the credit. We knew they were going to make a run there, and I am just proud that we bounced back."

Virginia sophomore attackman Chris Bocklet
On the third quarter when Duke was in control

"In the third quarter, sometimes the ball doesn't go your way, and you could tell whoever was on the faceoff was going their hardest, and fighting for the ball and wanted it. But, Duke made some good plays. They are great and that is one thing they are good at is groundballs in the middle of the field, and sometimes it doesn't always go your way.

Virginia sophomore attackman Chris Bocklet
On the only two losses of the year being to Duke

"They are a well coached team and they have tons of weapons offensively. Their poles are just very good and they all can handle the ball which is such a threat when they are coming down the field. All-around they are just a good team. We play a lot of good teams during the year and sometimes one team may just have your number."

Duke coach John Danowski
Opening statement on facing Virginia

"We love the way University of Virginia competed for 60 minutes. Our hats are off to those guys. Their kids fought valiantly and hard. They played tremendously in that fourth quarter."

Overall thoughts about the NCAA semifinal game
"We were disappointed in our first half and our inability to clear the ball. I thought it was a battle. It was just a pleasure to stand there and watch those guys go after it. I was very proud of our kids for playing hard physically."

Final Four weekend mental toughness and close games
"We have athletes and we want to let them play and let them run. I think that was typical ACC lacrosse [tonight] whether it is North Carolina, Maryland or Virginia. Since I have been in the ACC for four years we have phenomenal athletes that have great skills. Games tend to be up-and-down and are battles for 60 minutes."

What are the key differences now then the beginning of the season
"Losing to Notre Dame for one. When they beat us at our place the score wasn't even close to what the game might indicate. It was a gut check for everybody. Duke has a bulls eye on its chest. We are learning what it feels like to play at Hopkins or to play football at Notre Dame. When you lose it is a great opportunity to see what you are doing. That has been one of the great motivators for us."

The play of Ned Crotty and Max Quinzani
"Tonight might have been a little bit more storybook. We certainly didn't design it for Ned to throw it to Max. We would have been delighted for anybody to catch it and throw it in at that point. The way it worked out today was special because those kids have worked so hard."

Duke senior attackman Ned Crotty
On assisting Max Quinzani on the game-winning goal

"I came around and I wasn't able to get a shot but I was able to get my hands free. Obviously, I like throwing to Max and saw him make a cut. I locked eyes with Max, threw it behind the guy's head and Max was there just in time and stuck it."

On the first half
"We said it couldn't have been any worse than that. We just put it behind us. We knew we could do it. The effort was always there but we just needed to do like coach said; 'just start catching and throwing."

On playing an unseeded team in the finals:
"The numbers that are put next to the teams are done by the people who pick them. They are one of the 16 best teams in the country and they are now one of the two best teams in the country. The fact that they are unseeded is definitely not in any way a factor to us."

Duke senior attackman Max Quinzani
On his relationship with Ned Crotty:

"I have all the confidence in him and we let him do it. I tell him all the time that if you throw it, at least you know I'm going to catch it and something good is going to happen.