INDIANAPOLIS -- “Today I want to thank you, challenge you, and finally, ask you a favor,” Notre Dame Athletics Director Jack Swarbrick said Saturday at the men’s lacrosse team’s graduation ceremony at the NCAA Hall of Champions. “I want to thank you for all that you have given to Notre Dame. ... I challenge you to do what you already do -- to compete well. The next chapters of your life are all about competing well, to be the best husband, father, business leader, and community member you can possibly be. In this, you will do what you have always done while at Notre Dame -- prepare well. If you prepare well, you can be equally passionate in your successes and failures. But always remember to enjoy the victories of your life.”

For the fourth consecutive year, the UND men’s lacrosse team held commencement ceremonies away from Notre Dame. This year they were held at the NCAA Hall of Champions, surrounded by family, former players, athletics staff and the coaches. The festivities began with mass conducted by Father Jack Dennis, and with AD Swarbrick as speaker. In his mass, Father Dennis asked the graduates to aspire to live life by listening to their hearts, and to let that by the guide as they move through the next phases. As the families looked on, AD Jack Swarbrick took over commencement exercises and proclaimed the seniors to be graduates of Notre Dame.

After graduation, the players piled out, ate a quick lunch, and then headed back to the hotel to change for practice. They arrived at Lucas Oil Stadium around 1:30 pm, changed, and then headed out to the field for 2 p.m. practice. As they walked out onto the field, eyes grew wide as they looked out across the 60,000-seat stadium and bright lights. But soon it was time for business, and as the horn rang out, practice got under way.

After practice ended the team had a quick autograph session, then went back to the hotel for film review, dinner, and snack/uniform pick up.

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