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Eric Vander Voort | | July 27, 2015

Wagner's Tirelli helps save landlord's life

Within moments, Wagner lacrosse player Andrew Tirelli went from relaxing in his apartment to being called into life-saving action.

A July 25 story on by Caroline Jastremski detailed the events of mid-June, when Tirelli assisted as his landlord, 73-year-old John Konaveski, was laying on the floor unresponsive. Before paramedics arrived, Tirelli turned Konaveski on his side to help him breathe and attended to him as they waited for help.

"I really think it was the athlete in me," Tirelli told Jastremski of his ability to stay focused under the pressure of the situation. "Playing sports helps you perform through the nerves and it's something I'm lucky I was able to do."

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