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Wayne Cavadi | | May 26, 2019

The DII men's lacrosse programs with the most national championships

Merrimack wins the 2018 DII Men's Lacrosse Championship

Merrimack defeated Saint Leo for its first-ever DII men’s lacrosse national championship to conclude the 2018 season. It then won another title in 2019, beating Limestone to go back-to-back.

The first championship on record is the 1974 title game in which Towson State defeated Hobart 18-17. These early championship tournaments combined DII and DIII programs until the 1979 DII lacrosse championship when Adelphi defeated UMBC for its first of seven championships. The DII men’s lacrosse tournament was discontinued in 1982 until it returned in 1993, with Adelphi once again capturing a national championship.

In the roller coaster ride that has been the DII men’s lacrosse tournament, six programs have won multiple titles. Here’s a look at the schools with the most national championships.

7 — Adelphi (1979, 1981, 1993, 1995, 1998, 1999, 2001)

NCAA Photos Adelphi has won seven DII men's lacrosse championships.

The Panthers were coming to power right before the tournament was discontinued and picked up right where they left off, appearing in six of the first seven championship finals between 1993 and 1999. Just how good was Adelphi? The Panthers were so good that they were invited to the Division I tournament during DII’s hiatus and even pulled off a memorable upset over Army in 1987. 

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5 — Le Moyne (2004, 2006, 2007, 2013, 2016)

2016 DII Men's Lacrosse: Championship Recap

The Dolphins came to power in the mid-2000s and have remained a constant presence atop the DII men’s lacrosse rankings ever since. They appeared in five-straight championship matches between 2006-10, going back-to-back in 2006-07 before losing the next three. Mike McDonald became the only athlete to win back-to-back Most Outstanding Player honors for Le Moyne in those 2006-07 championships. Le Moyne has a winning record in the championship game, sitting at 5-4 all-time. 

5 — Limestone (2000, 2002, 2014, 2015, 2017)

Limestone wins the 2017 DII Men's Lacrosse Championship

Since the calendar changed to 2000, no team has found itself in the championship match more than the Saints. Limestone has appeared in 11 of the 19 championships this century, appearing in six straight title matches from 2000-2005. 

4 — NYIT (1997, 2003, 2005, 2008)

The Bears have spread the wealth in their championship runs and are the only team on the list without back-to-back titles. Head coach Jack Kaley made NYIT a force to reckon with in the late 90s and the Bears saw that success continue straight into the 2000s.

3 — LIU (C.W.) Post (1996, 2009-10)

C.W. Post was a DII men’s lacrosse power throughout the 1990s and although they only captured one championship, the Pioneers appeared in five title matches from 1991 to 2000. Head coach John Jez led them to consecutive championships in 2009-10, defeating Le Moyne on both occasions. 

2 — Hobart (1976, 1977)

The Statesmen were the first repeat champions in DII men’s lacrosse history, taking the third and fourth national championships in tournament lore. Hobart was a finals regular appearing in the championship game in each of the first five seasons of the tournament.

2 — Merrimack (2018, 2019)

Here is a complete list of the history of the championship game:

DII Men's Lacrosse Champions

2019 Merrimack Mike Morgan 16-8 Limestone Philadelphia
2018 Merrimack Mike Morgan 23-6 Saint Leo Foxborough, Mass.
2017 Limestone (21-1) J.B. Clarke 11-9 Merrimack Foxborough, Mass.
2016 Le Moyne (20-0) Dan Sheehan 8-4 Limestone Philadelphia
2015 Limestone (20-1) J.B. Clarke 9-6 Le Moyne Philadelphia
2014 Limestone (19-1) J.B. Clarke 12-6 LIU Post Baltimore
2013 Le Moyne (18-2) Dan Sheehan 11-10 Mercyhurst Philadelphia
2012 Dowling (13-2) Tim Boyle 11-10 Limestone Foxborough, Mass.
2011 Mercyhurst (14-2) Chris Ryan 9-8 Adelphi Baltimore
2010 C.W. Post (16-1) John Jez 14-9 Le Moyne Baltimore
2009 C.W. Post (15-1) John Jez 8-7 Le Moyne Boston
2008 NYIT (13-1) Jack Kaley 16-11 Le Moyne Boston
2007 Le Moyne (15-2) Dan Sheehan 6-5 Mercyhurst Baltimore
2006 Le Moyne (18-0) Dan Sheehan 12-5 Dowling Philadelphia
2005 NYIT (10-2) Jack Kaley 14-13 (ot) Limestone Philadelphia
2004 Le Moyne (16-0) Dan Sheehan 11-10 (2ot) Limestone Baltimore
2003 NYIT (14-0) Jack Kaley 9-4 Limestone Baltimore
2002 Limestone (13-2) T.W.Johnson 11-9 NYIT Rutgers (Yurcak Field)
2001 Adelphi (12-2) Sandy Kapatos 14-10 Limestone Rutgers (Yurcak Field)
2000 Limestone (14-2) Mike Cerino 10-9 C.W. Post Maryland (Ludwig Field)
1999 Adelphi (10-3) Sandy Kapatos 11-8 C.W. Post Maryland (Ludwig Field)
1998 Adelphi (12-3) Sandy Kapatos 18-6 C.W. Post Rutgers (Yurcak Field)
1997 NYIT (12-2) Jack Kaley 18-11 Adelphi Adelphi
1996 C.W. Post (10-3) Tom Postel 15-10 Adelphi C.W. Post
1995 Adelphi (10-3) Sandy Kapatos 12-10 Springfield Springfield
1994 Springfield (12-2) Keith Bugbee 15-12 NYIT C.W. Post
1993 Adelphi (8-3) Kevin Sheehan 11-7 C.W. Post C.W. Post
1981 Adelphi (10-2) Paul Doherty 17-14 Loyola Maryland Adelphi
1980 UMBC (11-3) Dick Watts 23-14 Adelphi UMBC
1979 Adelphi (13-3) Paul Doherty 17-12 UMBC Adelphi
1978 Roanoke (12-2) Paul Griffin 14-13 Hobart Hobart
1977 Hobart (15-0) Jerry Schmidt 23-13 Washington College Hobart
1976 Hobart (14-3) Jerry Schmidt 18-9 Adelphi UMBC
1975 SUNY Cortland (10-4) Chuck Winters 12-11 Hobart C.W. Post
1974 Towson (14-1) Carl Runk 18-17 (ot) Hobart SUNY Cortland