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There is a trend sweeping the nation -- college kids making their own dance montage to Call Me, Maybe.

If you have been living under a rock for the past few months, Call Me, Maybe is a catchy pop ditty performed by Carly Rae Jepsen. The song has more than 63 million hits on YouTube. Jepsen, who finished third on Canadian Idol, was signed by the same record label as Justin Bieber. He and other stars on the Disney channel did their own dance montage to the song and that video has generated almost 40 million hits on YouTube.

Since then almost everyone between the ages of 12-30 has decided to make their own montage. The Harvard baseball team did one which was featured on Good Morning America and The Today Show. That video has generated more then seven million hits on YouTube, and now every college team in the nation is trying to one-up the Crimson.


"Call Me, Maybe" is quite catchy, but who thought the song would catch on among NCAA teams in a wave of lip-sync videos?
Other 'Call Me, Maybe' videos

Cortland's women's lacrosse team was no exception. The Red Dragons, who are competing for a national title this weekend at the DIII championship, decided to make their own montage as Liz Beville and Taylor Reh stepped up and grabbed the reins on the project.

“We all love the song, we just went ahead and made our own video, it was a fun thing for the team to do,” Beville said.

The Cortland montage features team members going to random places and, as the creators say, “being silly.” One can see some of the student-athletes harassing local joggers, dancing on a pier and a gazebo, in front of a house, on a pickup truck and goofing around in the weight room.

The montage had some tricky shots, but the toughest shot came when the team decided to crash the Cortland men’s lacrosse practice. Like all good directors, the two masterminds had a plan.

“We did a flash mob at their practice. The men’s team was looking at us like we were crazy. We just put ourselves out there, we didn’t care,” Beville said.

The reception of the final product was positive. “Everyone loves it. We showed it to our athletic director and he was laughing during the whole video; he was actually offended that he wasn’t in it,” Beville said.

Reh even sent a copy of the montage to the person who inspired this whole trend.  “Once we finished the video, I tweeted it out. I even tweeted to Justin Bieber,” she said.

After learning the North Carolina women's lacrosse team got a retweet from Bieber, Reh responded: “I am going to work on that right away, I am obsessed with anything Justin Bieber.”

When the Red Dragons are not terrorizing local Cortland joggers, flash mobbing their male counterparts or even cruising around in the back of a pickup truck holding up signs that read out “Call me maybe?” they are focusing on capturing their first national championship.

“Last year our goal was to get to the national semifinals; this year our goal is to win the national championship and we’re ready to play on Saturday,” Beville said.

So ... "LAX champs, maybe?"

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