OWINGS MILLS, Md. -- This was it. Never again will LIU Post’s seniors suit up for the Pioneers.

They had won an NCAA Division II women’s lacrosse national championship last year, but that was then. There will be no more chances after this season to win another one.

Ashley Olen, Abbie Ross, Brie-Claire Drost, Aimee Capps and Bridgett Soares didn’t come away disappointed. LIU Post rode a streak of six unanswered goals in the second half to claim a 10-7 victory against Limestone.

It was, in fact, the team’s second NCAA title in as many years and fourth in school history.

“From the beginning of the year, [the seniors] came in saying, ‘We’re leaving with another ring,’” Olen said. “Our goal was to get another ring on our finger. That’s how we wanted to end our career. We can’t even describe how we feel right now. We all played with our hearts.”

No matter what happens from here on out, nobody will ever be able to take this experience away from the players who made it happen.

“[Sunday], we woke up and realized it was our last game,” said Dominique Mosca, the team’s goalkeeper. “Whether we’re coaching after this or involved in the game somehow, this is the last time we were all going to be on the field together with another shot at having another ring on our finger. We wanted to do anything and everything possible to make it happen and leave with one. We were determined.”

Besides talented, the young LIU Post women are collectively superstitious. Before the game Sunday, there was what has become a traditional shot of pickle juice.

“We kind of wake up and we all get breakfast together,” Mosca said. “We all just looked at each other and said, ‘It’s today.’ It’s a waiting game. We all do shots of pickle juice … a select few. Whatever it is to get our mindset right, we take care of it. It’s kind of a good vibe between all of our teammates.”

“I was part of the select few that took a shot of pickle juice,” Capps said. She also had something else to do before the game. She watched Little Rascals “several times.”                       

Evidently, pickle juice is not just a silly superstition. There’s actually some sort of actual benefit … or so the senior Pioneers say.

“The pickle juice has a lot of salt and stuff, and we use it for the hydration factor ... for retaining the water and being ready to rock for game time,” Drost said.

Whatever the routine, it worked for the LIU Post bunch of seniors on Sunday.