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Greg Johnson | | October 7, 2014

Pace-of-play rule to be experimented

The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved an experimental rule in women’s lacrosse for the 2014 fall non-traditional season that requires the attacking team to keep the ball below or inside the 30-yard restraining line.

If the attacking team carries or passes the ball outside or above the restraining line, possession will be awarded to the closest defensive player who is below or inside the line. The closest attack player from below or inside the line will be placed 4 meters away to either side at a 45-degree angle.

Currently, attack teams are allowed to carry or pass the ball back over the restraining line.

The Women’s Lacrosse Rules Committee proposed the experimental rule at its June meeting to see if it will increase the pace of play, reduce the area for stalling and create more balance between offense and defense.

Committee members hope to get feedback and data from teams around the country to see if this will eventually develop into a permanent rule.