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Ben Bokun | | May 13, 2020

The leading career goal scorers in DI women's college lacrosse history

The top plays from the 2019 women's lacrosse tournament

Marsha Florio, who started her 271-goal tenure at Penn State in the 1982 inaugural women’s lacrosse season, was the first of many great goal scorers in the sports’ history. Her record has been conquered in the years since, and a wave of the sport's most prodigious scorers continues to take the collegiate level by storm. 

Including 17 from the ACC and Big Ten combined, we list the 32 current Division I women's lacrosse career goal leaders. Maryland leads the way with four sharpshooters while Syracuse and Northwestern trail closely behind with three. 

Some players took more games than others to hit their spot in the record books; Gail Cummings made it in the top 3 playing in only 69 matches while Taylor Cummings (unrelated) stepped on the field 92 times. But all scored 224 goals or more throughout their time in school. 

Courtney Murphy, Stony Brook (2014-18), 87 games — 341 goals

Murphy stony brook

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Megan Whittle, Maryland (2015-18), 90 games — 298 goals

Megan Whittle at Maryland.

Gail Cummings, Temple (1985-88), 69 games — 289 goals

Gail Cummings at Temple

Selena Lasota, Northwestern (2015-19), 87 games — 287 goals

Selena Lasota at Northwestern

Sam Apuzzo, Boston College (2016-19), 79 games — 278 goals

Sam Apuzzo at Boston College

Marsha Florio, Penn St. (1982-85), 65 games — 271 goals

Marsha Florio at Penn State.

Jen Adams, Maryland (1998-01), 86 games — 267 goals

Jen Adams at Maryland.

Bergan Foley, Louisville (2008-11), 65 games — 265 goals

Bergan Foley at Louisville

Jillian Byers, Notre Dame (2006-09), 76 games — 262 goals

Jillian Byers at Notre Dame.

Kayla Treanor, Syracuse (2013-16), 94 games — 260 goals

Kayla Treanor at Syracuse.

Amy Appelt, Virginia (2002-05), 85 games — 258 goals

Amy Appelt at Virginia

Lauren Dykstra, Lehigh (2008-11), 69 games — 257 goals 

Lauren Dykstra at Lehigh.

Karen Emas, Delaware (1982-84), 55 games — 256 goals

Karen Emas at Delaware.

Shannon Gilroy, Florida (2012-15), 84 games — 256 goals

Gilroy at Florida.

Shannon Smith, Northwestern (2009-12), 91 games — 254 goals

Shannon Smith at Northwestern.

Kylie Ohlmiller, Stony Brook (2015-18), 84 games — 252 goals

Kylie Ohlmiller at Virginia.

Kristen Kjellman, Northwestern (2004-07), 81 games — 250 goals

Kristen Kjellman at Northwestern.

Christina Dove, Syracuse (2007-10), 81 games — 250 goals

Christina Dove at Syracuse.

Shari Krasnoo, Colgate (1988-91), 55 games — 245 goals

Krasnoo at Colgate.

Lindsey Ronbeck, Florida (2016-19), 79 games — 243 goals

Lindsey Ronbeck at Florida.

Jill Altshuler, Lehigh (1993-96), 66 games — 242 goals

Jill Altshuler at Lehigh.

Emily Boissonneault, Detroit (2009-12), 69 games — 242 goals

Emily Boissonneault at Detroit.

Karri Ellen Johnson, Maryland (2009-12), 77 games — 236 goals

Kari Ellen Johnson at Maryland.

Mary Key, Johns Hopkins (2004-07), 70 games — 234 goals

Key at Johns Hopkins.

Michaela Michael, Southern California (2014-17), 81 games — 234 goals

Michaela Michael at USC.

Sheehan Stanwick, Georgetown (1998-01), 70 games — 232 goals

Stanwick at Georgetown.

Katie Rowan, Syracuse (2006-09), 75 games — 232 goals 

Katie Rowan at Syracuse.

Tami Worley, Penn St. (1986-89), 76 games — 230 goals

Tami Worley at Penn State.

Jami Wilus, La Salle (1999-02), 60 games — 230 goals 

Jami Wilus at La Salle.

Grace Gavin, Loyola Maryland (2008-11), 71 games — 229 goals

Grace Gavin at Loyola Maryland.

Taylor Cummings, Maryland (2013-16), 92 games — 229 goals

Cummings at Maryland.

Jenna Collins, Navy (2015-18), 84 games — 224 goals

Jenna Collins at Navy.

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