June 17, 2010


NCAA Release

For the eighth consecutive year, all 88 NCAA championships will receive television exposure, including 17 spring championships being featured in a one-hour special.

CBS Sports Presents Championships of the NCAA will air at 4 p.m. Eastern, Saturday, June 19, on CBS Sports. Highlights and stories from NCAA baseball, golf, rowing, softball, tennis and outdoor track and field will be featured in the program. For the 2009-10 academic year, CBS Sports will feature nearly half (43) of the NCAA’s 88 championships in its three seasonal shows.

The show focuses on the aspirations of several NCAA student-athletes pursuing their individual and team paths to various national championships, including:  

- In Division III golf, the Methodist University men’s golf team tries to keep up with its women's team and capture a national championship of its own. In the final round, Methodist battles Guilford College, who is competing while also dealing with the memory of their recently deceased legendary coach Jack Jensen.

- Allegheny College's Division III track and field team rallies around their long distance star, Chris Marker, who has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

- In Division II men’s golf, Barry University senior Carlos Velez’s father suffered a heart attack and stroke during the regular season. Velez’s uncle brings him a putter from his father and a miraculous story unfolds.

- In Division I women’s rowing, one of the favored teams, the University of California, Berkeley Bears have been inspired by their senior coxswain, Jill Costello, all season. Costello, who has been battling lung cancer since last June, returned to the varsity 8 boat for the Pac-10 championship and led them to victory. Now the Bears try to capture a national championship with her at the helm.

CBS Sports’ Tracy Wolfson will host this edition of CBS Sports Presents Championships of the NCAA. For the sixth consecutive year, the spring program was produced by Deb Boulac. Julianna Barbieri, Julie Landa, Kimani Morales, Steve Murphy, John Paquet and Jonathan Segal served as feature producers. This year’s spring show will again be broadcast entirely in High Definition.

CBS Sports has aired 23 seasonal shows from the three NCAA championship seasons (fall, winter, spring) over the last eight years. Each seasonal show features highlights and unique NCAA student-athlete stories from a variety of NCAA Division I, II and III championships.

For more information about NCAA championships, log on to www.NCAA.com.