NCAA letter to Penn State
"Like everyone who has read the grand jury report, we are all deeply disturbed by the alleged sexual abuse of children as well as the alleged response by Penn State officials," Dr. Mark Emmert said in regards to the ongoing investigation at PSU.
Emmert's letter to PSU's Erickson

Penn State has learned via letter from NCAA President Mark Emmert to university president Rodney Erickson that the governing body of collegiate sports will launch an investigation of the school's athletic programs in the wake of allegations of sexual abuse by former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky and charges of perjury against to two senior university officials, former athletic director Tim Curley and Gary Schultz, the school’s former senior vice president for business and finance.

"I am writing to notify you that the NCAA will examine Penn State's exercise of institutional control over its intercollegiate athletics programs, as well as the actions, and inactions, of relevant responsible personnel," Emmert wrote. "We recognize that there are ongoing federal and state investigations and the NCAA does not intend to interfere with those probes."

A statement from the NCAA said: "After careful analysis of the Association’s institutional control and ethics policies, Dr. Emmert has sent a letter to Penn State President Erickson stating this unprecedented situation demands the NCAA evaluate the university’s accountability with regard to those policies and directing specific questions to the university about its application of NCAA bylaws. While the criminal justice process clearly takes precedence over any NCAA actions, the Association is closely monitoring the situation."

Emmert also spoke by phone with President Erickson, who pledged Penn State’s full cooperation with the NCAA review.

Emmert set out several questions that University officials must be prepared to answer as part of the probe. Responses to this NCAA inquiry are expected by Dec. 16 in order for the NCAA to determine next steps.