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Lauren Freidenberg
6-1 | Sr. | C

• Who is your team’s biggest rival and why?
A bittersweet aspect of our program is that we do not have one team that we consider our rival. It'd be fun to have a specific game that draws a lot of school spirit; at the same time it's a good thing that we do not hold the value of one game over another. That being said, our team tends to gravitate toward different teams each season.

This year, that university would be Pomona. Last year we went 0-2 against them in conference play. As well, we lost to Pomona in the CCAA tournament where our season ended. That loss stung deep and was a motivating factor for our program during spring and summer training.

• What moment and from when is your best memory against Pomona?
The beginning of this season was a new start for us to turn that 0-2 around. We were very excited for the opportunity to play Pomona again.

My best memory against Pomona would be our first chance at redemption when we played them at home in December. Looking at the clock with 25 seconds to go and realizing that we got the win was an amazing feeling. That game was something that we had been working for and waiting for since March.

• When did you realize this rivalry was so big?
The rivalry became apparent when we began our off season workouts. That last game of the CCAA tournament was in the back of our heads as we conditioned and trained, a sense of urgency that we were training with a purpose kicked in. We knew what our ultimate goal was in terms of the national tournament, but that itch to play Pomona was internalized in us all.

What is your favorite college sports rivalry other than your school’s and why?
My favorite college sports rivalry is the Apple Cup, a football game between Washington and Washington State. I'm from Seattle, Wash., so I grew up watching this rivalry my whole life. Those are the two biggest universities in Washington.

If you're a native to the state, it's basically a requirement that you choose a side. I won't disclose where my loyalties lie...(GO HUSKIES!)...but it's great to have a huge rivalry game that everyone knows about and participates in.

Photos courtesy of respecitve school athletic departments.