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Adam Hermann | | May 4, 2018

21 of our favorite offbeat retro college sports logos

College Football: Best FBS Team Logos | High Five

We've reached a slick, sleek age of design in college athletics. Helmets are shiny. Uniforms are trim. But what about the eras that came before? Did their designs have something to say?

Of course! The athletic departments of yesteryear took risks and did great things. Things like these 21 absolutely tremendous, offbeat retro logos:

Alabama | 1952-1958 

Not sure what the Alabama elephant is doing holding an ice cream cone/champagne glass/whatever it is, but my attention has been grabbed.

Bentley | 1988-2012

This is a falcon holding a lightning bolt. What else could you want?

Boise State | 1974-2001

The two-toned outline of the state, combined with the very 70s font, gives this logo a satisfyingly retro look.

Bowdoin | Era Unknown

How do you root against a team this cute? This is just a tremendous use of your school's mascot being a polar bear.

The modern Bowdoin polar bear (still very good) is much more stately and realistic, in the Coca-Cola polar bear vein, but I think Bowdoin really nailed this older logo by opting for the cuddly route. 

California Irvine | 1984-1990

I say that while the Anteater is not a fearsome animal, it is absolutely a cool one. It is also absolutely better as a cartoon.

Columbia | 1936-1956

Definitely a fan of this early-20th century lion hitting defenders with the Heisman pose. It’s a no-brainer.

Delaware | 1960s-70s

This is an extremely angry hen! His name is Fightin’ Dick. His beak seems to have been scratched, but he’s not quitting. Good attitude.

Drexel |  Era Unknown

Not the original Drexel Dragon, but one of the first. A fuming dragon wearing school-branded apparel is definitely a good mascot. This logo existed before the dragon even had a name! (It's Mario.)

Evergreen State | Current Era

Speedy the Geoduck gets a bad rap. Some people call him weird. I think he’s pretty great, mainly because he’s very weird.

Plus, I learned about a new creature (the geoduck) thanks to Speedy. Good job, Evergreen. 

Grambling | 1956-1964

This tiger is absolutely thrilled to attend Grambling State. I am absolutely thrilled for this tiger.

Hawaii | Era Unknown

This logo is gorgeous in that uncluttered, bright, blocky retro way. Way to embrace the Rainbow, Hawaii.

Jacksonville | Until 1995

The combination of the colors (a bygone era’s color palette, but in a good way) and the dolphin interacting with the letters makes this a winner.

Mary Baldwin College | Era Unknown

This is actually the logo that kickstarted this entire story. It's a fighting squirrel!


It's a fighting squirrel!

Maryland | 1970-1996

Here, we have the most pleasant turtle in all the land.

Miami | 1949-1965

I am not sure why this Ibis is so grumpy. I am sure that the colors, font, and layout of this logo are perfect.

North Carolina Wilmington | 1986-1991

“Welcome to Wilmington. We have Seahawks that are extremely green and wear hats. Let’s play some sports!”

Northwestern | 1967-1977

Another logo that dates itself in a good way. The leather helmet, the strangely oblong football, and a call to action: Watch the Wildcats! Do it!

Rice | 1950-1961

This owl has three (3) articles of clothing, and its eyes are so endearingly large that you have to root for Rice at least once each calendar year. It’s a rule.

UCLA | 1964-1995

The Bruins are known these days for their script, which is great. I think this extremely cool bear might actually be even better.

UConn | 1982-1995

A very good dog with a very good font makes a very good logo.

Washington | 1919-1921

History lesson: Washington used to be called the Sun Dodgers, because it rains in Seattle. The school’s mascot was a chivalrous young boy offering you an umbrella. I love it.

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