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Wayne Cavadi | | August 7, 2019

The longest winning streaks in men's and women's NCAA DII championship history

Queens (NC) wins the 2019 DII Championship

From 2005-14, the Drury men’s swimming and diving team won 10 straight national championships. That feat has only been matched in NCAA DII sports by the Cal Poly women’s cross country team from 1982-91.

Let’s take a look at the longest championship winning streaks in the history of NCAA DII sports.

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The longest championship winning streaks in DII men's sports

For the men’s sports, it starts with the Drury men’s swimming and diving team. Head coach Brian Reynolds cemented himself in the sport’s lore as a winner of 12 total titles, the most in DII swimming and diving history and the fifth most titles a head coach has across all DII sports. 

His Panthers actually had a shot at No. 11 in a row in 2015 but lost to Queens (NC) by 16 points. Those same Royals haven’t lost since, and are the Panthers' biggest threat to their record, winners of five straight national championships and showing no signs of slowing down. Queens (NC) is the active leader in championship winning streaks of DII men’s sports.

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Lander men’s tennis is tied for second, dominating the sport for eight straight seasons from 1993-2000. Of course, no DII list is complete without mentioning the legendary head coach George Williams of Saint Augustine’s. He led the Falcons to seven straight titles and his 16 overall are second all-time in DII history, trailing Adams State’s Damon Martin by one. 

Here’s the complete list of the longest DII men’s championship winning streaks:

School Sport Years Championships
Drury Swimming and diving 2005-14 10
CSU Bakersfield # Swimming and diving 1986-93 8
Lander Tennis 1993-2000 8
Abilene Christian # Outdoor track and field 1982-88 7
Abilene Christian # Outdoor track and field 2002-08 7
Cal Poly # Wrestling 1968-74 7
Saint Augustine’s Outdoor track and field 1989-95 7
SIUE Tennis 1978-84 7
Abilene Christian # Indoor track and field 1996-2000 5
CSU Bakersfield # Wrestling 1979-83 5
CSUN Swimming and diving 1981-85 5
Queens (NC) Swimming and diving 2015-19* 5
Saint Augustine’s Indoor track and field @ 1988-92 @ 5
Saint Augustine’s Outdoor track and field 2013-17 5
Abilene Christian # Indoor Track and Field 2002-05 4
Bemidji St. Ice hockey 1984, 93-95+ 4
Central Okla. Wrestling 1992-95 4
Oakland # Swimming and diving 1994-97 4
Western Colorado Cross country 2000-03 4

(#= Now a DI program; * = Active streak; @ = Shared title; + = sport discontinued.)

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The longest championship winning streaks in DII women's sports

The list of most consecutive women’s championships is topped by two programs that have made the jump to Division I sports. Cal Poly’s 10-year run in cross country is the best in the history of DII women’s sports, while Abilene Christian put together an eight-year run in indoor track and field.

Tied for the next two spots are Damon Martin and his Adams State women’s cross country team who had not one, but two extended championship winning streaks. The first was an eight-year run from 1992-99 and after a brief hiatus, won seven straight from 2003-09. 

Concordia-St. Paul wins the 2017 DII Women's Volleyball Championship

Brady Starkey has turned the Concordia St- Paul women’s volleyball program into the benchmark of DII volleyball. From 2007-13, the Golden Bears won every national championship and then went back-to-back again two years later. For someone not having a national championship to his name until 2007, Starkey made quick work to propel himself into the top 10 all-time head coach leaders across all of DII sports. 

Just as with the DII men’s championships, the Queens (NC) women’s swimming and diving team is the only active program to crack the list. Winners of the last five national championships, the Royal women return poised to take capture No. 6 in 2020. 

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Here’s the complete list of the longest DII women’s championship winning streaks:

Team Sport Years Championships
Cal Poly # Cross Country 1982-91 10
Abilene Christian # Indoor Track and Field 1993-2000 8
Adams St. Cross Country 1992-99 8
Adams St. Cross Country 2003-09 7
Concordia-St. Paul Volleyball 2007-13 7
Western Washington Rowing 2005-11 7
Truman Swimming and Diving 2001-06 6
Lincoln (MO) Outdoor Track and Field 2003-07  5
Oakland # Swimming and Diving 1990-94 5
Queens (NC) Swimming and Diving 2015-19* 5
Abilene Christian # Outdoor Track and Field 1985-88  4
Abilene Christian # Indoor Track and Field 1988-91  4
Bloomsburg Field Hockey 2006-09  4
Drury Swimming and Diving 1997-2000 4
Franklin Pierce Soccer 1994-97 4
North Dakota St. # Basketball 1993-96 4
Nova Southeastern Golf 2009-12 4
Rollins Golf 2003-06 4
SIUE Tennis 1986-89 4

(#= Now a DI program; * = Active streak.)