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2021 NCAA Championship sites

Final out and celebration from every CWS final since 2010

As of January 14, 2021, these are the dates and locations for all 2020-21 NCAA championships:

Championship Div Gen Selections start end
Rifle NC M/W 23-Feb 12-Mar 13-Mar
Swim&Dive DII M/W 24-Feb 10-Mar 13-Mar
Wrestling DII M 1-Mar 12-Mar 13-Mar
Skiing NC M/W 2-Mar 10-Mar 13-Mar
Track&Field (In) DI M/W 2-Mar 11-Mar 13-Mar
Track&Field (In) DII M/W 2-Mar 11-Mar 13-Mar
Swim&Dive DI W 3-Mar 17-Mar 20-Mar
Cross Country DI M/W 6-Mar 15-Mar 15-Mar
Basketball DII M 7-Mar 24-Mar 27-Mar
Basketball DII W 7-Mar 23-Mar 26-Mar
Ice Hockey NC W 7-Mar 19-Mar 21-Mar
Water Polo NC M 7-Mar 20-Mar 21-Mar
Swim&Dive DI M 10-Mar 24-Mar 27-Mar
Wrestling DI M 10-Mar 18-Mar 20-Mar
Fencing NC M/W 16-Mar 25-Mar 28-Mar
Ice Hockey DI M 21-Mar 8-Apr 10-Apr
Gymnastics NC W 22-Mar 16-Apr 17-Apr
Bowling NC W 24-Mar 8-Apr 10-Apr
Volleyball DI W 4-Apr 23-Apr 25-Apr
Gymnastics NC M 6-Apr 16-Apr 17-Apr
Volleyball DIII M 12-Apr 23-Apr 24-Apr
Football FCS M 18-Apr 15-May 15-May
Soccer DI W 18-Apr 13-May 17-May
Soccer DI M 18-Apr 13-May 17-May
Golf DII M 23-Apr 17-May 21-May
Field Hockey DI W 24-Apr 7-May 9-May
Volleyball NC M 25-Apr 6-May 8-May
Golf DII W 26-Apr 11-May 15-May
Golf DI W 28-Apr 21-May 26-May
Volleyball (Beach) NC W 2-May 7-May 9-May
Golf DIII M 3-May 11-May 14-May
Golf DIII W 3-May 11-May 14-May
Lacrosse DIII W 3-May 22-May 23-May
Tennis DI W 3-May 20-May 29-May
Tennis DI M 3-May 20-May 29-May
Water Polo NC W 3-May 14-May 16-May
Tennis DII M/W 4-May 18-May 22-May
Golf DI M 5-May 28-May 2-Jun
Lacrosse DIII M 9-May 30-May 30-May
Lacrosse DII W 9-May 21-May 23-May
Lacrosse DII M 9-May 30-May 30-May
Lacrosse DI W 9-May 29-May 31-May
Lacrosse DI M 9-May 29-May 31-May
Rowing DIII W 10-May 28-May 30-May
Softball DII W 10-May 27-May 31-May
Softball DIII W 10-May 27-May 1-Jun
Tennis DIII M 10-May 24-May 29-May
Tennis DIII W 10-May 24-May 30-May
Baseball DII M 16-May 5-Jun 12-Jun
Softball DI W 16-May 3-Jun 9-Jun
Baseball DIII M 17-May 3-Jun 9-Jun
Rowing DII W 17-May 28-May 30-May
Rowing DI W 18-May 28-May 30-May
Track&Field (Out) DII M/W 18-May 27-May 29-May
Track&Field (Out) DI M/W 20-May 9-Jun 12-Jun
Track&Field (Out) DIII M/W 22-May 27-May 29-May
Baseball DI M 31-May 19-Jun 30-Jun

Below are the championships not being conducted in 2020-21.

Basketball DIII M/W Winter
Cross Country DII M/W Fall
Cross Country DIII M/W Fall
Field Hockey DII W Fall
Field Hockey DIII W Fall
Football DII M Fall
Football DIII M Fall
Ice Hockey DIII M Winter
Ice Hockey DIII W Winter
Soccer DIII M Fall
Soccer DIII W Fall
Soccer DII M Fall
Soccer DII W Fall
Swim&Dive DIII M/W Winter
Track&Field (In) DIII M/W Winter
Volleyball DII W Fall
Volleyball DIII W Fall
Wrestling DIII M Winter

2022 NCAA fall sports championship schedule

Here is the 2022 NCAA fall sports championships schedule, including the dates and locations for DI, DII and DIII championships.

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