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2021 NCAA fall sports schedule

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Fall sports look to resume their normal timeframe after holding championships in the spring due to a revised Covid-19 schedule. Below are key dates for 2021 NCAA fall sports, including start dates as well as championship dates and locations. 

Many days and times have yet to be announced. The schedule will be updated as information becomes available.

2021 NCAA fall sports timeline, championships

Sport season begins championship CHAMP location
DI Men's & Women's Cross Country  September 2 November 20 Tallahassee, Florida
DII Men's & Women's Cross Country September 2 November 20 Saint Leo, Florida
DIII Men's & Women's Cross Country September 2 November 20 Louisville, Kentucky
DI Field Hockey August 27 November 19-21 Ann Arbor, Michigan
DII Field Hockey September 2 November 19-21 Millersville, Pennsylvania
DIII Field Hockey September 1 November 20-21 Hartford, Connecticut
DI FBS Football August 28 January 10, 2022 Indianapolis, Indiana
DII Football August 28 December 18 McKinney, Texas
DIII Football August 28 December 17-18 TBD
DI FCS Football August 28 January 8, 2022 Frisco, Texas
DI Men's Soccer August 26 December 10-12 Cary, North Carolina
DI Women's Soccer August 19 December 3-5 Santa Clara, California
DII Men's & Women's Soccer September 2 December 9-11 Colorado Springs, Colorado
DIII Men's & Women's Soccer September 1 December 3-4 Greensboro, North Carolina
DI Volleyball August 27 December 16-18 Columbus, Ohio
DII Volleyball September 2 December 9-11 Tampa, Florida
DIII Volleyball September 1 December 18-20 St. Louis, Missouri
NC Men's Water Polo September 4 December 4-5 Los Angeles, California

2023 NCAA spring sports championship schedule

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The Division I Council took steps to modernize a number of rules Wednesday, including approving adjustments to transfer waiver guidelines, modifying personnel rules across several sports and formally eliminating the requirement for standardized test scores in initial eligibility. The Council met as part of the 2023 NCAA Convention in San Antonio.