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Sarah Higgins | | July 4, 2014

He said, She said

Most don't know that there are more than a few married sets of coaches in the NCAA. With all of this bliss in college sports, we thought it'd be fun to see just how well these couples know each other. 

In the name of good fun, we asked each pair of coaches to answer five questions about each other, then we compared their answers. For each of the next five days, we'll match up pairs of coaches against each other. Under each pair of coaches, you'll see each coach's answer and what they guessed their spouse would say to the same question.

• Monday: Clarkson's Desrosiers vs. Kentucky Wesleyan's Nieman
• Tuesday: Penn State's Thompson vs. Michigan's Rosen
• Wednesday: Central (Iowa)'s Fuller vs. Iowa State's Ronayne
• Thursday: Mo. State's Harper vs. NW State's Stoehr vs. San Jose State's Dormann
• Friday: Texas A&M's Stephenson vs. St. Norbert's Miller

Let the games begin ...

You turn on a reality television show. Who is most likely to be watching until the end? Lori. I'm too A.D.D. He will say it's me because he wouldn't want anyone to know that he thinks Finding Bigfoot is a reality, even though he does. Phil Lori, especially if her two Labs are curled up next to her. She won’t move for anything when that happens.  0 of 2

Who is the better cook?

Lori is an amazing cook, but I'm pretty good. I think he will say we are equal. Pretty equal She may be too modest, but I doubt it. 1 of 2
You get to take a dream vacation. Where do you go? Some Pacific Island beach. Maui Possibly Maui, probably Hawaii, definitely a beach. Lori would be the same, but add good boutiques for shopping. 2 of 2
What is the one thing your spouse wishes you two didn't share? Lori doesn't like sharing anything. Our money My dogs Same... if she is truthful. 0 of 2

What was the last movie you and your spouse saw together?

We rented The Heat with Melissa McCarthy at home. He will probably remember what it was so whatever he says is actually probably the correct answer. Maybe Silence of the Lambs but he made us leave after 15 minutes because it was too scary. She won't remember. 0 of 2
TOTAL         3 of 10

Who is the better cook? I have the better natural talent, but Carrie is the more consistently good chef.  He will probably answer that I am a better cook just because I cook more. Paul is the better cook. It comes easily for him and he does not need to use recipes like I do. She will say the same. 1 of 2
Which habit of yours would your spouse like to break? When standing up, I crack my knees constantly. He will say his habit of not usually being on time.   Always being in "tasking mode" trying to get things done. She is a perfectionist.  In everything.  Sometimes the little things in life don't need to be perfect. 0 of 2
How do you like your coffee? Big Dog Pikes Place from Starbucks with extra cream. Paul likes venti "big dog" coffee with extra cream. I like lattes, not regular coffee.  Starbucks venti soy chocolate chai tea latte.  Non-fat chocolate chai latte with soy and no whip cream. 2 of 2
What is the one household item you make sure you never run out of? Coffee He would say something baby related -- maybe a Nook. I would say baby diapers. Chocolate covered pretzels 0 of 2
You get to take a dream vacation. Where do you go? The cottage with the family in Minocqua, Wisconsin. He would probably be more extravagant and say to travel the world. I would like to go to South Africa.  We've been to many other countries, but not Africa so this comes toward the top of the list. To Napa Valley to take a running vacation through the wineries and mountains of Northern California. 0 of 2
TOTAL         3 of 10