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Courtney Martinez | | August 4, 2016

NCAA student-athletes make up most of Team USA

  Virginia swimmer Leah Smith is just one of the many NCAA student-athletes on Team USA.

More than 555 American athletes will proudly wear the red, white and blue in Rio when the 2016 Summer Olympics officially open on Friday Aug. 5.

The majority of the athletes traveling to Brazil competed in their respective sports on the collegiate level. In fact, 417 athletes on the 2016 US Olympic roster are either incoming, current or former NCAA student-athletes. 

The student-athletes come from 130 different universities across all three divisions and will compete in 23 of the 27 eligible sports in the summer games.

Let's breakdown the list of NCAA student-athletes further as well as the full list of NCAA athletes on Team USA:

*All data is collected by the NCAA and is reflective of the publishing date.

First Name Last Name Gender Sport School
Mara Abbott F Cycling Whitman College
Rachael Adams F Volleyball Texas
Cammile Adams F Swimming Texas A&M
Bradley Adkins M Athletics Texas Tech
Nathan Adrian M Swimming California
Morolake Akinosun F Athletics Texas
Foluke Akinradewo F Volleyball Stanford
Nia Ali F Athletics Southern California
Devon Allen M Athletics Oregon
Haley Anderson F Swimming Southern California
Matt Anderson M Volleyball Penn State
Robby Andrews M Athletics Virginia
Carmelo Anthony M Basketball Syracuse
Kristin Armstrong F Cycling Idaho
Ronnie Ash M Athletics Oklahoma
Whitney Ashley F Athletics San Diego State
Haley Augello F Wrestling King University
Seimone Augustus F Basketball LSU
Tony Azevedo M Water Polo Stanford
Travis Bailey M Athletics Tennessee
Kathleen Baker F Swimming California
Perry Baker M Rugby Fairmont State
Katie Bam F Field Hockey Maryland
Kayla Banwarth F Volleyball Nebraska
Harrison Barnes M Basketball North Carolina
McQuin Baron M Water Polo Southern California
Danny Barrett M Rugby California
Thomas Barrows M Sailing Yale
Tianna Bartoletta F Athletics Tennessee
Elizabeth Beisel F Swimming Florida
Chris Benard M Athletics Arizona State
Garrett Bender M Rugby St. Cloud State
Gunnar Bentz M Swimming Georgia
Boris Berian M Athletics Adams State
Gwen Berry F Athletics Southern Illinois
Kate Bertko F Rowing Princeton
Greg Billington M Triathlon Wake Forest
Sue Bird F Basketball UConn
Ben Blankenship M Athletics Minnesota
Bret Bonanni M Water Polo Stanford
Brent Bookwalter M Cycling Lees-McRae
Hillary Bor M Athletics Iowa State
Brittany Borman F Athletics Oklahoma
Brittany Borman F Athletics UCLA
David Boudia M Diving Purdue
Alex Bowen M Water Polo Stanford
Tori Bowie F Athletics Southern Mississippi
Marvin Bracy M Athletics Florida State
Morgan Brian F Soccer Virginia
Jackie Briggs F Field Hockey North Carolina
Trayvon Bromell M Athletics Baylor
Chris Brooks M Gymnastics Oklahoma
Bob Bryan M Tennis Stanford
Mike Bryan M Tennis Stanford
Charlie Buckingham M Sailing Georgetown
Jordan Burroughs M Wrestling Nebraska
Jimmy Butler M Basketball Marquette
Donn Cabral M Athletics Princeton
Amber Campbell F Athletics Coastal Carolina
Andrew Campbell M Rowing Harvard
Kelsey Card F Athletics Wisconsin
Michelle Carter F Athletics Texas
Kristi Castlin F Athletics Virginia Tech
Tamika Catchings F Basketball Tennessee
Matthew Centrowitz M Athletics Oregon
Louisa Chafee F Sailing Brown
Miles Chamley-Watson M Fencing Penn State
Tina Charles F Basketball Uconn
Paul Chelimo M Athletics UNC Greensboro
Micah Christenson M Volleyball Southern California
KK Clark F Water Polo UCLA
Will Claye M Athletics Florida
Kerron Clement M Athletics Florida
Kyle Clemons M Athletics Kansas
Emma Coburn F Athletics Colorado
Olivia Coffey F Rowing Harvard
Charlie Cole M Rowing Yale
Christian Coleman M Athletics Tennessee
Jack Conger M Swimming Texas
Kim Conley F Athletics UC Davis
Kassidy Cook F Diving Stanford
Kevin Cordes M Swimming Arizona
DeMarcus Cousins M Basketball Kentucky
J'den Cox M Wrestling Missouri
Amy Cozad F Diving Indiana
Morgan Craft F Shooting Lindenwood
Amy Cragg-Hastings F Athletics Arizona State
Kami Craig F Water Polo Southern California
Lauren Crandall F Field Hockey Wake Forest
Sam Crouser M Athletics Oregon
Ryan Crouser M Athletics Texas
Logan Cunningham M Athletics Texas State
Luca Cupido M Water Polo California
Abbey D'Agostino F Athletics Dartmouth
Phil Dalhausser M Volleyball Central Florida
Jake Dalton M Gymnastics Oklahoma
Lea Davison F Cycling MIddlebury College
Rachel Dawson F Field Hockey North Carolina
Elena Della Donne F Basketball Delaware
Janay DeLoach F Athletics Colorado State
Marquis Dendy M Athletics Florida
Daniel Dennis M Wrestling Iowa
DeMar DeRozan M Basketball Southern California
Eli Dershwitz M Fencing Harvard
Christa Dietzen F Volleyball Penn State
Maya DiRado F Swimming Stanford
Mike DiSanto M Rowing Harvard
Tervel Dlagnev M Wrestling Nebraska-Kearney
Sam Dommer M Rowing Washington
Sam Dorman M Diving Miami (FL)
Lauren Doyle F Rugby Eastern Illinois
Caeleb Dressel M Swimming Florida
Crystal Dunn F Soccer North Carolina
Thomas Dunstan M Water Polo Southern California
Kevin Durant M Basketball Texas
Conor Dwyer M Swimming Florida
Ashton Eaton M Athletics Oregon
Nate Ebner M Rugby Ohio State
Tracy Eisser F Rowing Cornell
Taylor Ellis-Watson F Athletics Arkansas
Amanda Elmore F Rowing Purdue
Matt Emmons M Shooting Alaska-Fairbanks
Whitney Engen F Soccer North Carolina
Christina Epps F Athletics Coppin State
Anthony Ervin M Swimming California
Andrew Evans M Athletics Kentucky
Anthony Fahden M Rowing Dartmouth
Katelyn Falgowski F Field Hockey North Carolina
Carmen Farmer F Rugby Virginia Tech
Rachel Fattal F Water Polo UCLA
Stefanie Fee F Field Hockey Duke
Jimmy Feigen M Swimming Texas
Allyson Felix F Athletics Southern California
Lauren Fendrick F Volleyball UCLA
Mason Finley M Athletics Wyoming
Makenzie Fischer F Water Polo Stanford
Shalane Flanagan F Athletics North Carolina
Hali Flickinger F Swimming Georgia
Victoria Folayan F Rugby Stanford
Rickie Fowler M Golf Oklahoma State
Sylvia Fowles F Basketball LSU
Phyllis Francis F Athletics Oregon
Missy Franklin F Swimming California
Courtney Frerichs F Athletics New Mexico
Sean Furey M Athletics Dartmouth
Jackie Galloway F Taekwando SMU
English Gardner F Athletics Oregon
Justin Gatlin M Athletics Tennessee
Tyson Gay M Athletics Arkansas
Paul George M Basketball Fresno State
Andrea Geubelle F Athletics Kansas
Kaleigh Gilchrist F Water Polo Southern California
Alisha Glass F Volleyball Penn State
Tessa Gobbo F Rowing Brown
Melissa Gonzalez F Field Hockey UConn
Kate Grace F Athletics Yale
Draymond Green M Basketball Michigan State
Brittney Griner F Basketball Baylor
Howard Grotts M Cycling Fort Lewis College
Nareg Guregian M Rowing California
Townley Haas M Swimming Texas
Austin Hack M Rowing Stanford
Annie Haeger F Sailing Boston College
Marielle Hall F Athletics Texas
Arman Hall M Athletics Florida
Ben Hallock M Water Polo Stanford
Molly Hannis F Swimming Tennessee
Natasha Hastings F Athletics South Carolina
Tobin Heath F Soccer North Carolina
Ryan Held M Swimming North Carolina State
Paris Henken F Sailing College of Charleston
David Higgins M Shooting Air Force
Kim Hill F Volleyball Pepperdine
Sami Hill F Water Polo UCLA
Darrell Hill M Athletics Penn State
Michael Hixon M Diving Indiana
Maggie Hogan F Canoe/Kayak UC Santa Barbara
Katharine Holmes F Fencing Princeton
Max Holt M Volleyball Penn State
Daryl Homer M Fencing St. John's NY
Cryus Hostetler M Athletics Oregon
Shelby Houlihan F Athletics Arizona State
Molly Huddle F Athletics Notre Dame
Madison Hughes M Rugby Dartmouth
Courtney Hurley F Fencing Notre Dame
Kelley Hurley F Fencing Notre Dame
Emily Infeld F Athletics Georgetown
Kristian Ipsen M Diving Stanford
Kyrie Irving M Basketball Duke
Carlin Isles M Rugby Ashland
Connor Jaegar M Swimming Michigan
Tom Jaeschke M Volleyball Loyola Chicago
Evan Jager M Athletics Wisconsin
Jessica Javelet F Rugby Louisville
Charles Jock M Athletics UC Irvine
Felisha Johnson F Athletics Indiana State
Ashleigh Johnson F Water Polo Princeton
Kibwe Johnson M Athletics Ashland
Steele Johnson M Diving Purdue
Steve Johnson M Tennis Southern California
Abby Johnston F Diving Duke
Julie Johnston F Soccer Santa Clara
DeAndre Jordan M Basketball Texas A&M
Gwen Jorgensen F Triathlon Wisconsin
Chase Kalisz M Swimming Georgia
Megan Kalmoe F Rowing Washington
Alex Karowski M Rowing Cornell
Devery Karz F Rowing Oregon State
Michelle Kasold F Field Hockey Wake Forest
Steve Kasprzyk M Rowing Drexel
Meb Keflezighi M Athletics UCLA
Alev Kelter F Rugby Wisconsin
Sam Kendricks M Athletics Mississippi
Lee Kiefer F Fencing Notre Dame
Lilly King F Swimming Indiana
Morghan King F Weightligting Notre Dame de Namur
Edward King M Rowing Navy
Shadrack Kipchirchir M Athletics Oklahoma State
Meghan Klingenberg F Soccer North Carolina
Kelly Knapp F Field Hockey California
Madison Kocian F Gymnastics UCLA
Kelsey Kolojejchick F Field Hockey North Carolina
Joshua Konieczny M Rowing Dartmouth
Leonard Korir M Athletics Iona
Mariya Koroleva F Synchornized Swimming Stanford
Joe Kovacs M Athletics Penn State
Lucas Kozeniesky M Shooting North Carolina State
Ali Krieger F Soccer Penn State
Matthew Kuchar M Golf Georgia Tech
Erik Kynard M Athletics Kansas State
Bernard Lagat M Athletics Washington State
Jordan Larson F Volleyball Nebraska
Grace Latz F Rowing Wisconsin
Jarrion Lawson M Athletics Arkansas
Katie Ledecky F Swimming Stanford
David Lee M Volleyball Long Beach State
Marion Lepert F Sailing Stanford
Stacey Lewis F Golf Arkansas
Desiree Linden F Athletics Arizona State
Jay Litherland M Swimming Georgia
Carli Lloyd F Volleyball California
Carli Lloyd F Soccer Rutgers
Ryan Lochte M Swimming Florida
Eleanor Logan F Rowing Stanford
Allie Long F Soccer North Carolina
Chaunte Lowe F Athletics Georgia Tech
Karsta Lowe F Volleyball UCLA
Kyle Lowry M Basketball Villanova
Grace Luczak F Rowing Stanford
Maggie Malone F Athletics Texas A&M
Joe Maloy M Triathlon Boston College
Alyssa Manley F Field Hockey Syracuse
John Mann M Water Polo California
Simone Manuel F Swimming Stanford
Melanie Margalis F Swimming Georgia
Helen Maroulis F Wrestling Simon Fraser
Adrienne Martelli F Rowing Washington
Brenda Martinez F Athletics UC Riverside
Alex Massialas M Fencing Stanford
Courtney Mathewson F Water Polo UCLA
Francena McCorory F Athletics Hampton
Angel McCoughtry F Basketball Louisville
Conor McCullough M Athletics Southern California
Stu McNay M Sailing Yale
Inika McPherson F Athletics California
Tony McQuay M Athletics Florida
Hassan Mead M Athletics Minnesota
Katie Meili F Swimming Columbia
Gerek Meinhardt M Fencing Notre Dame
Miranda Melville F Athletics Wisconsin-Parkside
LaShawn Merritt M Athletics East Carolina
Maria Michta-Coffey F Athletics LIU Post
Sam Mikulak M Gymnastics Michigan
Cody Miller M Swimming Indiana
Matt Miller M Rowing Virginia
Heather Miller-Koch F Athletics St. Cloud State
Frank Molinaro M Wrestling Penn State
Maya Moore F Basketball UConn
Alex Morgan F Soccer California
Sandi Morris F Athletics Arkansas
Joe Morris M Sailing Yale
Merrill Moses M Water Polo Pepperdine
Felice Mueller F Rowing Michigan
Ibtihaj Muhammad F Fencing Duke
Dalilah Muhammad F Athletics Southern California
Rob Munn M Rowing Washington
Kelly Murphy F Volleyball Florida
Clayton Murphy M Athletics Akron
Ryan Murphy M Swimming California
Meghan Musnicki F Rowing Ithaca
Maddie Musselman F Water Polo UCLA
Alex Naddour M Gymnastics Oklahoma
Alyssa Naeher F Soccer Penn State
Tyler Nase M Rowing Princeton
Lia Neal F Swimming Stanford
Kiley Neushul F Water Polo Stanford
John Nunn M Athletics Wisconsin-Parkside
Barbara Nwaba F Athletics UC Santa Barbara
Kelley O'Hara F Soccer Stanford
Meghan O'Leary F Rowing Virginia
Alex Obert M Water Polo University of the Pacific
Glenn Ochal M Rowing Princeton
Sam Ojserkis M Rowing Washington
Courtney Okolo F Athletics Texas
Keturah Orji F Athletics Georgia
Jessica Parratto F Diving Indiana
Casey Patterson M Volleyball BYU
Jacob Pebley M Swimming California
Blake Pieroni M Swimming Indiana
Gerina Piller F Golf UTEP
David Plummer M Swimming Minnesota
Amanda Polk F Rowing Notre Dame
Jeff Porter M Athletics Michigan
Jenna Prandini F Athletics Oregon
Robin Prendes M Rowing Princeton
Josh Prenot M Swimming California
Nzingha Prescod F Fencing Columbia
Christen Press F Soccer Stanford
DeAnna Price F Athletics Southern Illinois
Reid Priddy M Volleyball Loyola Marymount
Briana Provancha F Sailing Boston College
Jason Pryor M Fencing Ohio State
Mallory Pugh F Soccer UCLA
Colleen Quigley F Athletics Florida State
Megan Rapinoe F Soccer Portland
Patrick Reed M Golf Augusta
Brittney Reese F Athletics Mississippi
Emily Regan F Rowing Michigan State
Julia Reinprecht F Field Hockey Princeton
Katie Reinprecht F Field Hockey Princeton
Gil Roberts M Athletics Texas Tech
Ricky Robertson M Athletics Mississippi
Kelsey Robinson F Volleyball Tennessee
Byron Robinson M Athletics Texas
Sarah Robles F Weightligting Arizona State
Alex Roelse M Water Polo UCLA
Brianna Rollins F Athletics Clemson
April Ross F Volleyball Southern California
Shannon Rowbury F Athletics Duke
Henrik Rummel M Rowing Harvard
Cierra Runge F Swimming Wisconsin
Galen Rupp M Athletics Oregon
Aaron Russell M Volleyball Penn State
Sean Ryan M Swimming Michigan
Josh Samuels M Water Polo UCLA
Taylor Sander M Volleyball BYU
Becky Sauerbrunn F Soccer Virginia
Raven Saunders M Athletics Mississippi
Sarah Scherer F Shooting TCU
Lauren Schmetterling F Rowing Colgate
Allison Schmitt F Swimming Georgia
Helena Scutt F Sailing Stanford
Melissa Seidemann F Water Polo Stanford
Kathleen Sharkey F Field Hockey Princeton
Tom Shields M Swimming California
Erik Shoji M Volleyball Stanford
Kawika Shoji M Volleyball Stanford
Kerry Simmonds F Rowing Washington
Cale Simmons M Athletics Air Force
Jenny Simpson F Athletics Colorado
Leah Smith F Swimming Virginia
Jesse Smith M Water Polo Pepperdine
Clark Smith M Swimming Texas
David Smith M Volleyball UC Irvine
Olivia Smoliga F Swimming Georgia
Katelin Snyder F Rowing Washington
Kyle Snyder M Wrestling Ohio State
Hope Solo F Soccer Washington
Ashley Spencer F Athletics Texas
Maggie Steffens F Water Polo Stanford
Richelle Stephens F Rugby Lindenwood
Evelyn Stevens F Cycling Dartmouth
Deajah Stevens F Athletics Oregon
Breanna Stewart F Basketball UConn
Gevvie Stone F Rowing Princeton
Hans Struzyna M Rowing Washington
Brooke Sweat F Volleyball FGCU
Jeremy Taiwo M Athletics Washington
Diana Taurasi F Basketball UConn
Christian Taylor M Athletics Florida
Zack Test M Rugby Oregon
Jesse Theilke M Wrestling Wisconsin
Courtney Thompson F Volleyball Washington
Klay Thompson M Basketball Washington State
Virginia Thrasher F Shooting West Virginia
Michael Tinsley M Athletics Jackson State
Ellen Tomek F Rowing Michigan
Murphy Troy M Volleyball Southern California
Sarah True F Triathlon Middlebury College
Caitlin Van Sickle F Field Hockey North Carolina
Shelbi Vaughan F Athletics Texas A&M
David Verburg M Athletics George Mason
Michelle Vittese F Field Hockey Virginia
Dana Vollmer F Swimming California
Kerri Walsh Jennings F Volleyball Stanford
Jared Ward M Athletics BYU
Ariana Washington F Athletics Oregon
Bubba Watson M Golf Georgia
Ameer Webb M Athletics Texas A&M
Lexi Weeks F Athletics Arkansas
Seth Weil M Rowing UC Davis
Amanda Weir F Swimming Southern California
Anders Weiss M Rowing Brown
Abbey Weitzeil F Swimming California
Lindsay Whalen F Basketball Minnesota
Jordan Wilimovsky M Swimming Northwestern
Chrishuna Williams F Athletics Arkansas
Kendell Williams F Athletics Georgia
Kara Winger F Athletics Purdue
Rudy Winkler M Athletics Cornell
Jill Witmer F Field Hockey Maryland
Kelsi Worrell F Swimming Louisville
Dagmara Wozniak F Fencing St. John's NY
Katrina Young F Diving Florida State
Katie Zaferes F Triathlon Syracuse
Mariel Zagunis F Fencing Notre Dame
Zach Ziemek M Athletics Wisconsin