ncaa-d1 flag | February 25, 2018

NCAA student-athletes at the 2018 Winter Olympics

Former NCAA Athletes in 2018 Olympics

For many NCAA student-athletes, dreams of Olympic medals are just within their reach.

There are 161 current, former and incoming student-athletes who are, have or will be competing for a varsity team in an NCAA sport and are also on a country’s active roster at the 2018 Winter Olympics. Ninety-two of the athletes will represent the U.S. and 32 will represent Canada.

Fifty-six of the athletes will be competing in women's ice hockey and 43 will be playing men's ice hockey. Twenty-six current, former and incoming student-athletes will be competing in track and field.

The Big Ten will be represented by 32 athletes and the Ivy League will be represented by 29.

Take a look at the full list of names, countries and colleges that past and present student-athletes will represent in PyeongChang here