ncaa-d1 flag | November 15, 2013

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What is The Battle of Ravine?

CBS Sports | The Battle of Ravine   Read the Story
Ouachita Baptist-Henderson State is more than Division II's oldest rivalry. It's also a backyard brawl -- almost literally. The game has happened every year since 1895. Learn what makes it so special and how it almost affected the 2008 presidential election.


FOX Sports | Living in the Land of Almost   Read the Story
Northern Illinois wants to connect to big-time college football, and is close, but plays in the stepchild of the big time, the Mid-American Conference, and is ranked No. 15 in the BCS standings despite hardly anyone ever having seen it. Will it ever truly arrive?


Sports Illustrated | After nightmare 2012, Auburn emerging    Read the Story
So what, exactly, happened at Auburn last year? How did so much go so wrong for a program that won the BCS title in January 2011? As it turns out, the core issue wasn't talent, but rather discipline. See how Gus Malzahn helped mastermind the turnaround.