ncaa-d1 flag | February 10, 2014

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Columbia's 'Jedi Master'

The New York Times | Columbia's Jedi Master   Read the Story
On a recent weekday morning, Aladar Kogler, 82, a coach at Columbia, took a fencer through some blade work and lunges, the usual routines for the sport. Then Mr. Kogler made the fencer do something else  -- lie down and meditate, in the middle of a raucous practice in the athletic complex at the university’s campus in Manhattan.

USA TODAY | March contender or early exit?    Read the Story
Iowa finally added the exclamation point to its NCAA tournament résumé that's been missing. Saturday's convincing 85-67 home victory against  Michigan gives Iowa the résumé and confidence boost it needs to stay within striking distance of the Big Ten title and to notch a solid NCAA bid come March.

B/R | Why Dabo Swinney's selflessness has stabilized Clemson   Read the Story
When Dabo Swinney met with media last week to discuss Clemson’s 2014 recruiting class, he made a point of crediting his entire coaching staff. That’s Swinney’s style. If something goes wrong with the Tigers’ program, it is his fault. If good things happen? Well, the credit is spread far and wide, to everyone except Swinney himself. That style has worked well on the field.