ncaa-d1 flag | February 19, 2014

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Icing Happy Valley | Building another special program  Read the Story
Penn State recently won its first game in the Big Ten, after nine previous attempts. It has been a challenging year for the hockey program but the top-notch facilities, a built-in brand and an alumnus' dream have given Penn State a chance to become a potentially special place.

Sports on Earth | A call for a deeper three Read the Story
For the past six seasons the men's game has been played with a 20-foot-9-inch line, exactly a one-foot increase from the arc it had the two decades prior. Back in the spring of 2007, when this legislation passed, most college basketball coaches accepted the alteration, but it is time to move the line back again.

South Bend Tribune | Notre Dame's unsung hero  Read the Story
Every basketball team needs someone who doesn’t mind the dirty work. No glory. Little fanfare. Just do the job and help the team win. That’s what Ariel Braker does for the Notre Dame women.


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