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SB Nation | What is the blue-chip ratio?  Read the Story
As recruiting rankings continue to grow more accurate, they're now to a point at which they can help tell us which teams are ready to compete for titles. Every recent national champion first met a recruiting standard. Based on talent ratios, who's got the best shot at future titles? Who's within striking distance? And which conferences need to step it up?

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Sports Illustrated | The education of Jabari Parker Read the Story
Jabari Parker was the first freshman to start at Simeon Career Academy in Chicago, where he won for state titles. A 6' 8", 235-pound forward, he was a top recruit in the class of 2013, embarking on what seemed likely to be a one-year college career. Still, Parker's freshman season at Duke has been full of adjustments, all of which have served to deepen his connection to his coach.

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The Oregonian | The next man up  Read the Story
Versatility has helped the Beavers piece together an unblemished start despite ace Ben Wetzler's sudden absence. Oregon State, a team that prides itself on depth and accountability, is trying to focus on what it can control.



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