ncaa-d1 flag | February 26, 2014

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Storytime with Coach Switzer | Barry Switzer spins a yarn  Read the Story
Barry Switzer is one of three men to win both a national title and a Super Bowl. He is also one of college football's great storytellers. And does he have some stories to tell? See what the bootlegger's boy has to say about recruiting Marcus Dupree, how he hid Billy Simms for two days, why he couldn't land Tony Dungy and what made him a great recruiter. 

News & Observer | Can NC State break the zone?  Read the Story
The book on NC State early in the season was simple. Among opposing coaches, it was a best-seller. Zone defense, played early and often, would all too easily stymie the Wolfpack. NC State’s improvement against the zone is one reason for the Wolfpack’s is knocking on the tournament's door.

The Baltimore Sun | The next great Army-Navy rivalry  Read the Story
The Army-Navy rivarly is coming to women's lacrosse. Beginning with the 2016 season, the United States Military Academy will field its first varsity women's lacrosse team. But the transition from club team to varsity team won't be easy.




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