ncaa-d1 flag | March 4, 2014

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Madness starts now

Sports on Earth | The Madness starts now  Read the Story
Discussions about expanding the NCAA tournament come along pretty regularly, but there's really no need. Since more than 300 teams can still dream about getting there via conference playoffs, the tourney already has expanded, and the fun has already started.

StarTribune | The power of five  Read the Story
They’ve adopted the name “fab five.” Nate Condon, Tom Serratore, Jake Parenteau, Justin Holl and Michael Shibrowski are the Gophers’ fabulous seniors that have helped the Minnesota hockey program find its way back to success over the past four years.

The New York Times | A winning script in yet another act  Read the Story
After two burnouts in the NBA, Larry Brown has led SMU to a top-25 ranking for the first time since 1985 in his second year there. At 73, Brown has not slowed a bit, nor does he plan to slow down any time soon.