ncaa-d1 flag | March 6, 2014

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Providence’s marathon man

NBC Sports | Say hello to Providence’s marathon man  Read the Story
For someone averaging 40.2 minutes per game, Bryce Cotton’s season has largely gone unnoticed, even if he doesn’t mind the lack of national recognition. He’s the reason why Providence is in the conversation for the program’s first NCAA tournament bid in a decade, but he almost didn’t stick around to lead the charge.

Bleacher Report | Should more programs drop the spring football game?  Read the Story
Pittsburgh head coach Paul Chryst is on the verge of something unprecedented. It's a decision that could mold how other programs' offseasons are handled in the future. It’s not groundbreaking in nature, but rather an honest assessment of his current situation. He canceled the spring game in favor of more practice time. Will other schools follow suit?

The Baltimore Sun | Mixing and matching  Read the Story
For each of the first three games of the season, No. 3 Johns Hopkins sent out the same starting midfield. That formula changed in Saturday’s 15-9 victory against Princeton. Coach Dave Pietramala says that change could be permanent – or maybe not.