ncaa-d1 flag | April 14, 2014

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His mother's footsteps

The New York Times | In his mother's footsteps  Read the Story
Tyler Summitt was practically born into the women’s game and was around for several of the eight titles won by his mother, Pat, at Tennessee. He said there was a time when he contemplated a career on the men’s side. But something his mother told him steered him into the family business. | Playing for her son  Read the Story
Brooke Foster is one of the most talented shortstops in college softball. She could have easily  become a cautionary tale, the uber-talented athlete whose unplanned pregnancy led her to drop out of school and drift away from a future once seemingly in focus.


Sports on Earth | Stuck in uncertainty    Read the Story
It's been 10 years since Michigan won a Big Ten title, and this unprecedented run of uncertainty in Ann Arbor shows no signs of letting up. Can Brady Hoke and Devin Gardner finally stabilize the Wolverines and begin meeting lofty expectations?