March 30, 2009


Courtesy of Creighton

OMAHA, Neb. - The Creighton women's crew team went up against a very strong Tulsa team, and could not quite pull out a victory, as the Hurricanes were able to sweep all six races.

"I was very impressed with the level of competitions today," head coach Dan Chipps said. "I'm glad with the way the team responded to the tough competition, and this will be a good learning experience as we move into the second half of our season."

Creighton will return to action on April 19 at Carter Lake, as it competes in the Upper Midwest Collegiate Sprints. These two teams will meet again in Tulsa, on April 24-25, as part of the Midwest Inter-Collegiate Rowing Championships.




WV8:    Tulsa - 7:03.5

            Creighton – 7:09.6

            Tulsa – 7:25.4


W2V8   Tulsa – 7:10.2

            Tulsa – 7:15.6

            Creighton – 7:44.3


WV4B   Tulsa – 7:47.51

            Creighton – 7:56.45


WN4     Tulsa – 7:59.82

            Creighton – 8:43.58


WN4C Tulsa – 7:52.28

            Creighton – 8:07.44


WN4A Tulsa – 7:59.82

            Creighton – 8:43.58