March 30, 2009

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The Bulldogs began the spring season in impressive fashion. (Tim Bennett photo)

The Bulldogs began the spring season in impressive fashion. (Tim Bennett photo)

No. 1 Bulldogs Start Season By Winning Connell Cup Varsity Eight Cruises To Nearly 11-Second Victory

March 28, 2009

PELHAM, N.Y. - The schedule said it was the first race of the season, but the Yale women's crew looked in mid-season form on Saturday. The Bulldogs won the varsity, second varsity, varsity four and novice eight races all by at least 11 seconds over Penn and Columbia to capture the Connell Cup at Orchard Beach Lagoon.

Yale's varsity eight, which is ranked first in the nation, finished the 2,000-meter course in 6:36.2, nearly 11 seconds ahead of second-place Penn, who came in at 6:47.8. Columbia was third in 6:50.1.

The Bulldogs' second varsity finished just three seconds slower than the varsity and cruised to a nearly 12-second win. Yale crossed the line in 6:39.3. Penn was second in 6:52.5 and Columbia finished with a time of 7:01.3.

Yale's varsity four won by 16 seconds, and the novice eight had an 18-second margin over second-place Penn.

In the varsity 4 B race, Yale had the top two finishers.

The Bulldogs race Syracuse and Cornell for the Cayuga Cup next Saturday in Syracuse.


Varsity eight 1. Yale 6:36.2 2. Penn 6:47.8 3. Columbia 6:50.1

Second Varsity 1. Yale 6:39.3 2. Penn 6:52.5 3. Columbia 7:01.3

Varsity Four 1. Yale 7:21.2 2. Columbia 7:37.9 3. Penn 7:44.8

Varsity 4 B 1. Yale B 7:22.6 2. Yale C 7:31.7 3. Penn 7:40.7 4. Columbia 7:42.7

Novice Eight 1. Yale 6:53.7 2. Penn 7:11.3 3. Columbia 7:13.5

Yale Boatings Vs. Columbia And Penn

1V: C: Mia Kanak 8: Taylor Ritzel 7: Christina Person 6: Tess Gerrand 5: Maren McCrea 4: Alice Henly 3: Cara Dermody 2: Caroline Nash 1: Christine Glandorf

2v: C: Berkley Adrio 8: Emily Matykiewicz 7: Allix Wilde 6: Catherine Hart 5: Armine Afeyan 4: Alexandra Thompson 3: Lauren Richards 2: Rebecca Nadal 1: Lee Glandorf

3v A: C: Sarah Brownlee 4: Mary Pat Wixted 3: Dara Dickson 2: Roxanne Carini 1: Katherine Adams

1N: C: Paige Fedon 8: Catherine McDermott 7: Elizabeth McDermott 6: Georgia Separovich 5: Kathleen O'Keefe 4: Katherine Dyke 3: Nikki Grigg 2: Alexandra Fields 1: Mary Jo Toothman

3v B: C: 4: Amanda Grady 3: Katherine Kazimer 2: Laura Gottesdiener 1: Karrin Weisenthal

3v C: C: 4: Ryan McCarthy 3: Lauren Ross 2: Mary Barosse-Antle 1: Lily Blair

Report filed by Tim Bennett, Yale Sports Publicity