CHESTERTOWN, MD-- The Wellesley College crew team opened the spring portion of the 2010-11 season on a high note, sweeping two races against Washington College on their spring break trip.

Racing in temperatures in the high 30's, Wellesley's varsity eight recorded a convincing 19 second win over the varsity eight from Washington. The Blue tallied a time of 7:36 to the Shorewomen's 7:55.

In the second race of the day, Wellesley's second varsity eight defeated Washington 7:52 to 7:55. Also racing, Wellesley's novice eight recorded a time of 8:14, while the Blue's third varsity eight hit a time of 8:21.

Kelsie Jensen was the coxswain of the Shorewomen's first varsity eight. Kendall Mulligan sat stroke, Sarah Strickland was in the seven seat, Valeria DiLisi was in the six seat, Kate Fiori sat in the five seat, Jenna Moore was in the four seat, Lauren Halla sat in the three seat, Catherine Black sat in the two seat, and Christine Lynch was the bow.

Emily Langan was the coxswain of the Shorewomen's second varsity eight. Lynch sat stroke, Rachel Benders was in the seven seat, Diane Hagmann sat in the six seat, Brittany Krueger was in the five seat, Emily Sahadeo  was in the four seat, Carly Ogren sat in the three seat, Robin Heese was in the two seat, and Caiti Ambrose was the bow.

Wellesley's lineups consisted of:

Varsity Eight                                  2nd Varsity Eight 
c- Hannah Woodruff                      c- Aidan Chambers
8- Shernaz Dossabhoy                 8- Jennifer Lamy
7- Kathryn Goffin                             7- Conisha Cooper
6- Jessica Frey                               6- Bryn Garrity 
5- Caroline Dodge                         5- Rachel Coogan
4- Ali Pierson                                  4- Becca Kimball
3- Lyndsey Abt                                3- Becca Freeman-Slade
2- Nicola Rentschler                     2- Taylor Black
1- Patty Suquilanda                       1- Tess Ruderman

Novice Eight                               Third Varsity Eight
c- Susan Laves                           c- Jessica Walker
8- Deborah Darlington               8- Casey Sedlack
7- Camylle Fleming                    7- Paige Miranda
6- Rachel Reed                           6- Sarah George
5- Gabriella Fee                          5- Eden Littrell
4- Maggie West                           4- Jennifer Marble
3- Olivia Froehlich                       3- Kristen Hobbs
2- Maggie McConnell                 2- Valerie Soon
1- Helen Lee                               1- Hailey Scofield