FELLSMERE, Fla. - Nova Southeastern had another stand out weekend at Canal 54 during the two-day regatta which took place Friday and Saturday.

The Sharks made a statement in round one a week ago, but continued their momentum into round two by capturing six victories out of six races. The Sharks have now won an impressive 12 of 14 races during the Spring season.

SSC boat of the week Varsity 8 started the weekend off for the Sharks with a commanding victory over the University of Charleston. The Varsity 8 crew consisting of coxswain Elizabeth Tortorici, Alyssa O'Donnell, Lauren Boudreau, Jessica Sutter, Abigail Schiavo, Taylor Van Horn, Stephanie Hauck, Mallorie Reinecke and Heather Higbee had a finishing time of 6:45.6, 35.5 seconds ahead of the Sharks' 8B crew and 41.6 seconds ahead of the Golden Eagles' crew.

Finishing up the day for the Sharks was the Varsity 4B crew of coxswain Courtney Berger, Elizabeth Hurley, Claire Kurlychek, Christie McElhenny and Sarah Patterson. They won with a time of 8:36.9, only 22.1 seconds ahead of the Sharks Varsity 4A crew, but a commanding 1:14.9 split difference ahead of Charleston.

The intensity continued through the day with NSU capturing four more first-place finishes in four races. Starting the day off again for the Sharks was the Varsity 8 competing against Fairfield University. The crew had a finishing time of 7:02.7, which topped the Stags by 23.1 seconds.

Continuing on their success from Friday the Varsity 4B crew had a great start to their Saturday as well by capturing a victory in their first race with a time of 8:02.2, which was 34.7 seconds off their previous winning time on Friday. The crew pulled threw the finish 16.6 seconds ahead of the Sharks Varsity 4A boat and 38.4 seconds ahead of the Stags crew.

In the Varsity 8‘s last race, Nova Southeastern captured yet another first-place finish, the second of the day and third of the regatta. The Sharks finished with a time of 7:07.5, which was 56.6 seconds ahead of UC San Diego.

For the last Varsity 4 race, it was the Sharks Varsity 4B crew that took home the victory. It was their second first-place finish of the day and third of the regatta. The Sharks finished with a time of 8:04.7 which was 18.1 seconds better than UC San Diego’s Varsity 4.