ROCHESTER, N.Y. --  St. Lawrence University swept three of the four events against the Rochester Institute of Technology on Saturday.

The Saints' 1V negotiated the 1800m course in 7:35.12, defeating RIT, which finished in 7:57.71. Senior Liz Stokes-Cawley stroked the 8+, while Lauren Reed was the coxswain. Also rowing for St. Lawrence were senior Catie LePage, junior Brianna Tidd, and sophomores Jesse Burdett, Maddy Fones, Maggie Fellows, Britton Weber and Alissa McCaffrey.

The 2V also earned the gold, handily beating RIT by over a minute. The 8+ raced a time of 8:05.47, while RIT's 2V finished in 9:11.47. First-year student Alie Mihuta stroked, while sophomore Kelly Greenwood was the coxswain. Juniors Amanda Brewer, Jeannine Condon and Liz Weber, sophomore Sally Danker, and first-years Kait Murphy, Alyssa Goley and Anna Lavanger also rowed for the Saints.

St. Lawrence also raced a varsity four which finished the short 1200m course in 5:28.72, well ahead of RIT's 6:07.46. Senior Maggie Wiener stroked, while first-year student Tori Vossler was the coxswain. Sophomores Maggie Fellows and Maddy Fones and senior Britne Tyler also raced in the four.

The novice four raced a time of 6:14.77 on the short course, falling second to RIT (5:28.72). Mihuta stroked while Sophia Allocco was the coxswain. Also racing in the four were Abbie McIvor, Jenette Kloss and Anna Lavanger.