COLUMBUS, Ohio – No. 7 Ohio State downed Big Ten opponents Wisconsin and Minnesota in the Big Ten Double Duals Saturday on Lake Lemon in Bloomington, Ind. The Buckeyes defeated the Badgers in the opening session 43-26, before beating the Gophers 44-25.

The Buckeyes won four out of six races in the opening session. Despite dropping back-to-back novice races, the Scarlet and Gray rallied to win the final four events, including a 4.6-second win (6:45.5-6:50.1) by the First Varsity Eight (Ellen Heister, Claudia Herpertz, Eelkje Miedema, Allison Elber, Ilse Paulis, Emily Walsh, Ulrike Denker, Claire-Louise Bode and coxswain Amanda Poll) in the session finale.  

In the previous race which pitted the Buckeye and Badger 2V8 against each other, Ohio State was victorious, crossing the finish line about 12 second ahead of Wisconsin. Led by coxswain Victoria Lazur, Katie Beletskaya, Samantha Fowle, Ashley Bauer, Meghan Birkbeck, Claudia Schiwy, Nadine Seehaus, Cori Meinert and Kate Sweeney, the Buckeyes sounded the horn in 6:57.4, while the Badgers finished in 7:09.1.

Taylore Urban, Katie King, Stephanie Johnson, Emily Ralph and coxswain Dara Schnoll held on for a 5.2 second-victory in another NCAA championship race (First Varsity Four) vs. Wisconsin. The Buckeyes completed the course in 7:45.0 and the Badgers clocked in at 7:50.2.

The Ohio State Second Varsity Four of Sarah Cornish, Brittney Wex, Kara Shropshire, Katherine Tylinski and coxswain Jenni Gill began the streak of four consecutive wins for the Scarlet and Gray when it crossed the finish line in 7:59.1 vs. Wisconsin’s time of 8:14.9.

The first session began with a Third Varsity Four race between Ohio State and Minnesota. The Buckeyes were victorious, winning by approximately 45 seconds (7:41.8-8:25.0). The freshman First Novice Eight (coxswain Claire Sasowsky, Sarah Milota, Caroline Schneller, Meghan Rewick, Ellen Zwick, Sarah Kessler, Kelsey Albrinck, Nicole Becks, Heather Truthan) was clipped by Wisconsin, finishing the race just 4.2 seconds (7:13.2-7:17.4) behind the Badgers. The Buckeye Second Novice Eight lost its opening race, 7:14.5-7:30.3. 

The Buckeye 1N8 and 2N8 rebounded with wins in the afternoon session vs. Minnesota as the First Novice Eight recorded an 11.6-second victory (7:14.9-7:26.5) and the Second Novice Eight posted a near 30-second win. The 2N8 group of coxswain Melissa Trejo, Anne Fruth, Andie Bonamer, Sarah Marshall, Julie Walsh, Rachel Layfield, Sara Handa, Chloe Meyer, and Katherine Skouby completed the race in 7:34.3 and the Gophers finished in 8:06.6.

The Ohio State 1V8 once again posted an impressive time as it clocked in at 6:51.0 followed by Minnesota’s 7:04.5. The Buckeye 2V8 managed to stay under the 7-minute mark, finishing in 6:59.6, which was about 12 seconds better than the Gophers’ time of 7:11.1. The First Varsity Four earned another victory, this time vs. the Maroon and Gold with its mark of 7:41.2 compared to the Gophers’ time of 7:53.7.

Just 1.2 seconds was the difference in Ohio State’s Second Varsity Four posting its second win of the day. The Buckeyes finished the race in 7:51.4, while Minnesota crossed the line in 7:50.2.

As in the first session, the Ohio State and Minnesota 3V4 opened the second session with the Buckeyes prevailing 7:53.6-8:47.6.