VANCOUVER, Wash. – Humboldt State's varsity four boat finished almost three boat lengths of open water before its competition to pick up one of the Jacks four first-place finishes at the Northwest Collegiate Rowing Conference Invitational Regatta.

"I think today was a very productive day of racing," said head coach Robin Meiggs. "Winds of 11-14 mph were predicted, but they never appeared. The sun came out and we were all wondering what the big, bright thing was. Conditions couldn't have been more perfect."

The morning began with the 2V8 race, where the University of Pugent Sound edged out the Humboldt State second varsity eight boat out by 10 seconds, clocking in at 7:12.9.

"I think the W2V8 just didn't get the performance we thought they would in the morning," said Meiggs. "They didn't perform to their potential."

In the V8 race, HSU finished just under seven minutes with a time of 6:58.6, competing in a direct regional race against Seattle Pacific and beating SPU by 15.8 seconds. The win gave the Jacks confidence since SPU is notorious for "dropping the hammer in the last 500 meters," as Meiggs puts it, which is why the team has nicknamed SPU the hammer.

"The V8 team was relieved to put SPU behind them," said Meiggs. "Our training has really helped boost our confidence."

Humboldt State won both the novice and varsity four races, with the Jacks' first novice boat clocking in at 8:09.0, followed by the second boat with a 8:19.5 time. The varsity squad sprinted past Puget Sound and Seattle Pacific—Lewis and Clark scratched. HSU's WV4 boat finished with a time of 7:47.6, 32.4 seconds faster than UPS's 8:20.0 finishing time and 41.2 seconds faster than SPU's time of 8:28.4.

After finishing first in the morning's race, Humboldt State's V8 boat took the final heat's race, finishing with a 7:05.4 time for the first place victory. The second V8 boat took third of the other heat, ending the race at 7:25.5.

"The WV8 race was pretty exciting," said Meiggs. "The first 1,000 meters was a direct head-to-head competition. We increased our speed against UPS and it was a sense of accomplishment."

The novice eight boat race concluded the regatta, with HSU's second boat taking second (7:49.5) and the first boat coming in fourth (7:52.4).