CHERRY HILL, N.J. -- No. 7 Marietta won both the varsity eight plus and the second varsity eight plus races at the 2012 Knecht Cup Sunday on the Cooper River. The Pioneers’ varsity four-plus shell finished fifth.

The varsity eight-plus race turned into a duel between the Pioneers and Washington College. An extremely close race for the entire 2,000-meters, Marietta edged Washington by 1.03 seconds, barely a deck length.

Marietta crossed the line in 6:44.30, while Washington posted a time of 6:45.33. The third place shell was a distant 18 seconds behind the leaders.

Coxswain Megan Oxley piloted the winning shell with Abigail Klicker in the stroke position, Hailey Ellis , Kelli Barnette, Stephanie Meinert, Ricci Davis, Trisha Wendel, Bridget Dean and Alyse McNeill in the bow seat.

Marietta’s second varsity eight-plus shell won convincingly with more than 30 seconds of open water against Rochester. The Pioneers completed the course in 7:05.90, while Rochester finished in 7:39.50.

The Pioneers sat coxswain Laura Sterzinger, stroke Taryn Wilson, Alycia Kime, Kelly Moses, Anja Curwen, Erika Gill, Shannon Johnston, Katherine Tedesco and bow Hannah Platt in the second varsity-eight shell.

The third Marietta boat to race in Sunday’s finals was the varsity four-plus. The Pioneers placed fifth in the race with a time of 8:26.01 just ahead of Carnegie Mellon. Bryn Mawr won with a time of 7:50.27.

The Pioneers’ lineup for the varsity four-plus included coxswain Liz Luckenbaugh, stroke Christina Beltran-Revilla, Anja Curwen, Regina Collette and bow Megan Johannes.