CLEMSON, S.C. -- No. 17th Clemson swept Alabama in six races on a rainy Saturday morning on Lake Hartwell. It was the Tigers’ first sweep since March 19, 2011, when Clemson swept six races against Alabama, Boston University, Duke, Indiana, Marist and Purdue. 

“I am very pleased with our performance [on Saturday],” Clemson head coach Robbie Tenenbaum said. “Anytime you are able to sweep another team it is an accomplishment.”

Clemson set the tone in the first race of the day between the 1st Varsity 8s. The Tigers got out to an early lead and went on to the take race with a time of 6:42.5 ahead of Alabama, which had a time of 7:01.4.

Clemson then took the next two races as the 2nd Varsity 8 and the 1st Varsity 4s. Both had decisive finishes with times of 6:45.1 and 8:09.0, respectively. The 1st Novice 8 then took the fourth race of the day with a comeback win against the Crimson Tide.

The closest race of the day came in the fifth race between the 2nd Varsity 4s. The two boats battled all the way down the course until the Tigers were able to sneak ahead of the Crimson Tide right at the finish line for their first top finish of the season.

In that race, the Tigers finished with a time of 8:03.4, just 0.5 seconds ahead of Alabama with a time of 8:03.9. The 2nd Novice 8 then completed the sweep for the Tigers, finishing with a time of 7:30.5 ahead of Alabama, which had a time of 7:48.1.