CHESTERTOWN, Md. -- Wellesley capped a week of spring training with a dominating performance at a three-team race on the Chester River on Saturday. The Blue swept all four contested races against Washington (Md.) and Mount Holyoke.

In the Varsity 8 race, Wellesley got off to a fast start, but Washington battled back and led at the 1000 meter mark. From there, the Blue made a powerful move, took the lead and then cruised to an open water victory. Wellesley recorded a time of 7:17.91, followed by Washington with a 7:23.61 and Mount Holyoke with an 8:09.55.

Wellesley's second Varsity 8 also had a great race, getting off to a fast start and then winning easily. The Blue ended the race with a time of 7:58.25, followed by Washington in 8:13.52 and Mount Holyoke in 8:40.0.

Wellesley also finished first in both of the novice races contested. In the Novice 8 race, the Blue bolted off the line and never looked back, topping Mount Holyoke by over 24 seconds. Wellesley finished in 8:13.83, while Mount Holyoke recorded an 8:49.39.

In the other Novice race, the Blue's second novice boat raced against Mount Holyoke's third varsity boat. Not to be outdone, Wellesley's novices posted the largest margin of victory, racing against varsity opponents. The Blue finished in a time of 8:34.74, followed by Mount Holyoke in 9:19.19.