R. Boncheva

SARASOTA, Fla. -- No. 1 Barry won four event finals races Saturday in the Florida Intercollegiate Rowing Association Championships at Nathan Benderson Park. The Buccaneers beat four Division I crews in each of the event finals.

The Bucs crew of coxswain Gracie Horwitz, stroke Kristina Boncheva, Anna Boada, Rosita Boncheva, Monika Kaminska, Beth Desmond, Anais Foppoli, Emma Howard and bow Kelly Harrison won the varsity eight final in 7:29.5. No. 6 Nova Southeastern was second in 7:37.6, Canisius third in 7:52.3 and Jacksonville fourth in 7:55.6.

Barry's team of Horwitz (cox), Kristina Boncheva (stroke), Boada, Kaminska and Rosita Boncheva (bow) won the varsity four final in 7:32.8. Nova was second in 7:44.2, Emory third in 7:59.4 and Florida State fourth in 8:08.3.

The Bucs crew of Angela Dasch (cox), Foppoli, Desmond, Harrison and Howard (stroke) won the varsity four B Final in 7:50.8. Barry had the only boat in the seven-team race to finish under eight minutes in the event. Nova was second in 8:01.0, No. 8 Florida Tech third in 8:04.3 and Georgia Tech fourth in 8:17.7.

Barry's team of Dasch (cox), Kasia Walentynowicz, Mandy Carper, Helene Pierre and Rebekah Kilroy (bow) won the junior varsity four final in 8:15.9. Nova finished second in 8:20.5, Tampa third in 8:52.1 and Florida Tech fourth in 9:01.3.

"It was a great day for Barry rowing," Buccaneers coach Dave Sanderson said.