COLUMBUS, Ohio -- No. 4 Ohio State claimed five varsity wins against No. 13 Michigan, Michigan State and Indiana Saturday at the Big Ten Duals at Belleville Lake in Ann Arbor, Mich.

The first varsity 8 of Katie King, Cori Meinert, Eelkje Miedema, Ashley Bauer, Meghan Birkbeck, Allison Elber, Holly Norton, Claire-Louise Bode and coxswain Amanda Poll opened the morning of racing for the Buckeyes, crossing the line in 6:32.7 to claim first place against Michigan (6:38.15), Indiana (6:51.72) and Michigan State (6:54.13).

Ohio State next placed first in the first Varsity 4 as the crew of Sarah Kessler, Taylore Urban, Sara Handa, Katie Beletskaya and coxswain Dara Schnoll sounded the horn in 7:33.9 to defeat Michigan (7:37.9) by four seconds. Michigan State crossed the line in third with a time of 7:20.9 while Indiana finished fourth in 7:51.4.

Following the first Varsity 4, the second Varsity 8 claimed victory with a time of 6:48.1, placing ahead of Michigan (6:56.3), Michigan State (6:56.63) and Indiana (7:04.57). The crew of Daphne Socha, Chloe Meyer, Silvia De Matteis, Stephanie Johnson, Nicole Becks, Lauren Eckles, Samantha Fowle, Catherine Shields and coxswain Victoria Lazur has won four consecutive races this season and holds a 13-0 record dating back to March 24, 2012.

The Buckeyes continued their winning momentum in the second Varsity 4, narrowly defeating the Wolverines in a close race. The boat of Julie Walsh, Sarah Marshall, Jillian Getz, Katherine Tylinski and coxswain Claire Sasowsky sounded the horn in 7:42.4 to edge Michigan (7:43.4). Michigan State placed third in 7:47.8 while Indiana took fourth in 8:22.8.

Ohio State completed the varsity sweep with a win from the third Varsity 4. Sarah Milota, Anna Lind, Anne Fruth, Julie Dick and coxswain Sami Jurofsky defeated Michigan "B" (7:46.6), Michigan "A" (7:49.1) and Indiana (8:29.6) to capture the Buckeyes’ fifth win of the morning.

In novice competition, the first Novice 8 of Miranda Branstool, Victoria Langwasser, Anna Gackowski, Sytske Miedema, Hailey Tiarks, Bridget Verdeyen, Julia Vari, Anna Ralph and coxswain Sarah Asad placed second behind Michigan (6:58.8), but ahead of Michigan State (7:05.3) and Indiana (7:07.4) with a time of 7:01.1.

The second Novice 8 of Corinne Jones, Jacy Theiss, Rachel Wolverton, Victoria Popp, Casey Hawkins, Nicole Bosse, Amanda Bauer, Jessa Goldner and coxswain Alexandra Irving finished its race in fourth place with a time of 7:07.5 behind Michigan "A" (6:41.6), Michigan "B" (6:53.1) and Michigan State (6:59.2).